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Physical Education Subject Code: - 048 (2016 - 17) Time :- 3 Hrs Max Marks:- 70 General Instructions:Question 1 to 11 carry 1 marks each & may be answered in 10 20 words Question 12 to 19 carry 3 marks each& may be answered in 30 50 words Question 20 to 26 carry 5 Marks each& may be answered in 75 100 words Q1. What is the main objective of intramural activities? Q2. Name any two non-nutritive component of diet. Q3. Name the deformity for which horse riding can be used as corrective measure. Q4. What do you mean by motor development? Q5. Name the test used for strength measurement Q6. List down the safety equipment required for rock climbing Q7. What is the purpose of Harvard Step - Test? Q8. Define coordinative ability. Q9. Mention the various types of soft tissue injuries? Q10. Name one Linear and one Angular Movement from the field of sports. Q11. Pace - Run Method of training is used to develop for which motor component? Q12.Draw knock-out fixture of 24 teams. Q13. Describe various factors that may be kept in mind to conserve the environment during adventure sports. Q14. Explain any three myths about dieting. Q15.Personality and Posture are the two opposite sides of the same coin. Comment. Q16. Enlist the spinal postural deformities? Explain the causes of Kyphosis & the precautions to avoid it. Q17. Explain developments characteristics during childhood. Q18. What are the changes that take place in cardiovascular system by doing regular exercise? Q19. What is the relationship between load and adaptation during training programme?

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