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I want mock paper of class 12 cbse 2021
asked by Ujjwal (kumarsingh) 213 days ago
I was born in slave . Find the answer of that passagr
asked by Lovely Verma (lovely20) 214 days ago
Do anyone have todays, chemistry pre-board question paper??
asked by Riyan Beski (riyanbeski2002) 2 years ago
I have just given my Xth Board exams. And looking to join IIT Coaching. Can you guys please suggest which is better coaching in Bangalore? Also, is School integrated programs of coaching (like FIITJEE Pinnacle) is worth it? What are the pros and cons?
asked by Bitthal Maheshwari (bitthal04) 2 years ago
Someone please upload some papers...Okay, why tf am I even trying.
asked by ... (sam307) 2 years ago
यूरोपीय संघ एक लंबे समय में आर्थिक संगठन से बदलकर अधिक से अधिक राजनीतिक रूप कैसे लेता गया
asked by Harsh Joshi 9643 (harsh987035) 3 years ago
Guys can i write in board paper using both blue and black pens?
asked by Rinki Lata (alldbesthappy) 3 years ago
N identical capacitors connected in series give an equivalent capacitance of C..If they are now connected in parallel what will be the new capacitance?
asked by Anvesha Mishra (learner67) 4 years ago
What is the format for doing our Project Report?
asked by Josna Jose (schoolkid) 4 years ago

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Could someone tell where I can find resonance kvpy papers?(SX)
asked by Nikita Sharma (nikitasharma59) 4 years ago
Question: In aliphatic diazonium compounds, when an nucleophile is added, will it be an Sn1 or SN2 or will it depend on type of carbon that the diazo group is on? Will it always be SN1?
asked by Fourty Two (the_number_42) 4 years ago
Can anyone answer the sheet
asked by Smartee😘 (avyana) 4 years ago

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Hey anyone can tell me about kvpy
asked by Anu (babydoll123) 4 years ago
What is the solid structure called on which the ssiles attach themselves??
asked by Funny Funny (funnysimgh) 4 years ago
Two identical flutes produce fundamental notes of frequency 300 Hz at 27°C. If the temperature of the air in one flute is increased to 31°C, the the number of beats heard per second will be
(1)	1	(2)	2	(3)	3	(4)	4
asked by Sam307 (saksham307) 4 years ago
I have joined FIITJEE, I m in class 11th. I have come from ICSE. Can someone suggest some books and give some tips for cracking JEE and excelling in 12th Boards.
asked by Anurag Hooda (akhooda) 4 years ago
A reaction P -> Q is completed 25% in 25 min, 50% completed in 25 min if [P] is halved, 25% completed in 50 min if [P] is doubled. The order of the reaction is?
asked by Walter White (icseman) 4 years ago
whatis optics
asked by Narayanan K (kodoor) 4 years ago
what is meant by 9/11 in the context of U.S.A?
asked by Kaur Jinny (kaurjinny) 4 years ago
In attempting question on poster making in English Core subject, do the use of coloured pens or sketch pens allowed??
asked by Isaac Newton (isaac_newton) 4 years ago

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Distinguish between ape and man.
asked by Rutik Mule (rutik) 4 years ago
Integrate sin^3 x cos x dx
asked by Saday Kumar Ghosh (ananyaghosh) 5 years ago
Is there any page 4 medical aspirants???
asked by Kalyani Bhakat (kalyanibhakat) 5 years ago
integration of logx/(1+x)^2
asked by Prakash Kumar (panchayat6) 5 years ago
What is stand for SAARC
asked by Khusbudin Alam (khusbudin) 5 years ago
How to get 90 plus in language plz advice me cause those are my weak points?
asked by Abhishek Shyam (abhibenne) 5 years ago
Doesn't have english print question paper
asked by Afzal Siddique (afzalali) 5 years ago
Actually to score mre thn 90marks what cn i do in business studies
asked by Abhishek makkar (abhimakkar) 5 years ago
is it possible for a body to be accelerated without speed up or slow down??
asked by Vidya47 (vidya47) 5 years ago

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prove that (x^2-1)d^2y/dx^2+x.dy/dx-(1/4)y=0, if y=root(x+1)-root(x-1)
asked by Kanishka Baskar (kilo2016) 5 years ago
Central Board of Secondary Education
Shiksha Kendra, 2, Community Centre, Preet Vihar, Delhi-110 301
Important Information
The CBSE class XII mathematics paper was held on 14
th March 2016. The
feedback received from various stakeholders including students, subject teachers,
examiners will be placed before the committee of subject experts and the board will
take remedial measures before evaluation.
Public Relations Officer
asked by Dhruv Shetty (someonesomewhere) 5 years ago
Political Science 2011,2012,2013,2014,2015 CBSE question paper Answers please
asked by Hillang Peter (peter02) 5 years ago
3 reasons for water conservation ?
asked by John Jony (examexam) 5 years ago
what is the ans for first ques in business question paper in set 2?
asked by Aa 17 (deviltvm) 5 years ago
why there is a limit on spherical capacitor
asked by Hemant Prakash (hemantprakash) 5 years ago
why npn is ised intead of pnp in ce
asked by Gayathri Gangadharan Nair (gayu25) 5 years ago
A particle ratates in U.C.M. with tangential velocity 'v' along a horizontal circle of diameter 'D'. Total angular displacement of the particle in time 't' is.....?
asked by Athar Fakih (atharfakih) 5 years ago
BUNA-N and BUNA-N is named after whom and what is its monomer
asked by Harshita Singh (siya_s) 5 years ago
what is density of population? how is it calculated
asked by Nabin Das (ananya18) 6 years ago
Q.1. A ltd issued 500000 equity shares of Rs.10 each for Rs.12 per share to public for subscription. The issue was fully subscribed. State how the shares are issued, where will this amount appear in the balance sheet of the company and also mention any 2 uses for which amount collected can be used.

Q.2. Rohit and company issued 30000 shares of Rs.10 each payable Rs,3 on application on 1/7/2013, Rs.3 on allotment on 30/9/2013 , Rs.2 on first call on 1/12/2013 and balance on final call on 31/12/2013. The issue was full subscribed. All calls were duly received except for the allotment and first call by Ravi which he paid along with the final call and Shiv who paid final call with first call. Pass entries
asked by Stephy Ann (stephyann) 6 years ago
What is the pattern to answer Class XII board questions ? Please suggest suitable link where I could find sample answer sheets.
asked by shotty 6 years ago
which is the question paper followed by Mumbai KVs. CBSC outside Delhi or Delhi local
asked by Suja Susan Mathai Suja Susan Mathai (smsuja) 6 years ago
12 ecnomics que paper 2015
asked by Sunny Yadav (sunnyyadav) 6 years ago

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