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9 days for Burning Maze.
asked by Aditi Prasad (pp201540) 363 days ago

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5 days for infinity war
asked by Darth Vader (aj87) 363 days ago

+ 6 more questions by aj87  

Guys! Its 21 April. What are the chances that ICSE Board may declare the results this month?
asked by Ragini Jain (adityajain1234) 364 days ago

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is there any issue in history if in every question there are more number of points than that mentioned in the question paper to write??
asked by Ashutosh Dash (ashutosh_dash) 1 year ago

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Why alkanes are insoluble in water??
asked by Vindhya Badal (_itsme_) 1 year ago
Hi frndzz,
How is TIME ??
asked by Snigdha (silver2002) 1 year ago
Which workbook is best for echoes and reverie:evergreen,beeta or Oxford publication?

Anyone leaving isc and turning to cbse board this year?How do u think it'll benefit u??
asked by Fire Bird (firebird) 1 year ago

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I'm going to HSC. ANYONE?
asked by Arya Shahir (maihuarya) 1 year ago
Hey people. Are there any Percy Jackson fans here? If so, here's a little treat for you: It's a song written and sung by Paola Bennet. Back when the PJO fan community was actually active, this song was pretty famous. Now, not so much. Anyway, here it is:

It's a song based on Nico DiAngelo's life. He was one of the most beautiful characters, wasn't he? (:( And yet, his life can best be described as a bittersweet one.
asked by Yashaswini Joshi (yashaswini72) 1 year ago
Anyone selected for NTSE stage 2?
asked by Shreya Bhagat (hermione02) 1 year ago
Hey, guys!! I'm missing you all a lot!! So lively were those days when we used to ask and answer all types of questions!! Such a beautiful place this was when you all were here!! Now, this place has turned from a fertile patch of land to a barren one!! Like a flooded river to a dried one!! Why this dreariness?? You all have got internet connecion, right?? You all have got a phone, laptop or something like that right?? The respaper admins haven't blocked yall,right?? You can access respaper like fb, whatsapp, insta or twitter, right?? All of us are posting messages like 'miss you all', 'miss this place',bla bla bla. You all are acting like you can't access respaper. Who's barred you from doing that?? You people are behaving like a prisoner, who has the key of his cell's lock and is in an unguarded, unlocked police station, from where, he can easily escape and wants to escape but is just sitting inside, yearning to go outside.What an irony!!! Make this place lively, it has given us what we couldn't have got easily from any other source for free. It has given us friends from all over the country, it has enabled us to clear our doubts whenever we had any. Aren't you all indebted to such a site?? Rather several of you might be engaged in other social sites, which gave you friends,which might have distracted many of you, which are not at all comparable to this site, which gave us all knowledge,practice papers for free, which usually people buy from booksellers, spending money. So, guys, I'm requesting you all to not to post such emotional talks. Instead of making whatsapp groups, we could've made groups here. This site provides everything. Salute to the makers of respaper.
asked by Aayush Joshi (aayushjoshi) 1 year ago

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Hey guys,I'm missing you guys so much๐Ÿ˜ญThanks for giving me so many memories ๐Ÿ’–
asked by Leander Vikram (eldiablo0829) 1 year ago
anyone joining Jamnabai ISC Mumbai?
asked by Zootopia (zootopia1256) 1 year ago

+ 1 more questions by zootopia1256  

Hey Guys,
Now its the turn of ICSE-2019.
asked by Muskan Aggarwal (musku) 1 year ago
Is the ISE syallabus of pcm is same as of CBSE??
asked by Vishesh Verma (vishesh_verma) 1 year ago
the website usually goes off due to traffic on result declaration day , when everyone rush 
for the result , so their any alternative to tackle this like any other website ,  
(cant be patient enough to  wait for the traffic jam to be cleared sooo)
asked by Rtstud (mdarfath) 1 year ago

+ 6 more questions by mdarfath  

What up people! Long time no see! Oh how much do I miss all those doubts and inspirational posts. 10th was a year indeed to be remembered! 
Results ke time sab fir se aa jana.
asked by Momo (zenab13) 1 year ago
Guys please help me take a concrete decision, I'm really deciding on isc or cbse, but I know since it is a icse group there will be lot of bias towards isc, but if you can please give a proper idea.
asked by Vedhas Balaji (godking) 1 year ago
this will help you in achieving any type of goals=====
asked by Naam_mein_kya_rakha_hai (abhinav07kumar) 1 year ago
who here plays chess aside from /u/anshkush
asked by Hatake Kakashi (jatintara) 1 year ago
GUYS ICSE RESULTS WILL BE DECLARED ON 15th MAY 3pm on the council's website
asked by Devanshu (erwinschrodinger) 1 year ago
3 what the heel?
asked by My Name Is Khanna (mynameiskhanna) 1 year ago
Guys aren't u all tense for the results? Suggest some tips not to be tense pls
asked by Jeff mckinley (chende) 1 year ago

+ 2 more questions by chende  

layer of eyeball that forms the transparent cornea
asked by Dheeraj Choudhary (drc1507) 1 year ago
Anyone alive? If yes,then please solve this,
Compound  A on reacting with baking soda produces a colourless gas C, which when passed through lime water forms a solution D. On further passing the gas C through D, another solution E is formed. Identify the nature of  A  and the colour of the solution E.
asked by Abhinav Sharma (monstercat) 1 year ago

+ 2 more questions by monstercat  

It was the most worstest paper ever. #evs.
Gonna get a high dip in %age due to it!!
asked by Onkar Borade (onkarborade) 1 year ago

+ 2 more questions by onkarborade  

asked by Mansi (mansi01) 1 year ago
Hello you awesome, awesome people!!

I know I wasn't around for the best part of your boaring(pun definitely intended) journey. But please, please hear this "bhaiyya" (hmph!) out.

Well, the reason for my absence is very very easy to understand, if your mum too, like mine, is very very concerned about your career. So, the last few days were my "vacations"( wait for it), and according to my mum, the best time, no, the "golden" time for revision. Yeah, so my vacations were for hardcore study(oh! the irony!). And that is precisely why, my mom, only too happily, locked away all my access to this beautiful world. 

And I thought of breaking this curfew in some way, but my "Nokia 3310 se slightly better looking phone" was, you know, not made for this.

So, once in a while, I would grasp( read: kidnap) my mum's phone, and think of writing something. But that precious, and way too less, time would be devoted to reading the previous conversations on this page. Thus, I was like a captive in my own house, yearning to join my family again.

And in case you are confused, that family is you people.

And since this might be my last post, I want to thank you all, not from the bottom of my heart. No. That is not enough. I want to say thank you from my whole body. Listen carefully, my pancreas says hi! 

It would be rude not to specify some key people, but please remember that they are not in any order, they are just in the order that my poor mind serves out. 

So, thank you Arunima, thank you for being my best friend on this place. For being the one of my age, and for spoiling me by your incessant praise. For those beautiful, mesmerizing sketches you make, and for the CHOMP CHOMP GRRRRR that used to spam the chat. Thank you for making me identify my wilder side, and allowing me to spam lyrics in the chat, without blocking me. Thank you for being there when I was going through a rough patch, and for helping me when I needed it the most. Thank you for being the friend in need. Actually, thank you for existing.

And thank you Yashaswini, for being my go-to-Shakespeare, and for making me look for my dusted old dictionary.(It really needed some revisiting!) Thank you for your exasparating farrago of teasing banters, and for those richly crafted posts. Thank you for those late night entertaining chats, and for my longest ever comments conversation. Thank you for also being there for me when I had fallen into an abyss, and pulling me out with your not-so-annoying teases. Thank you for making me realise that I don't deserve 95 in English, in front of  you, and for making me laugh so hard, that my mom thought I was possessed at times. Thank you for being the clown in my life! And, lest I forget, your profile pictures deserve a special mention of their own!

And thank you Aameya! You were the one who made me realise that I should share my experience with you guys. Thank you for being the first junior I chatted with, and for being the selfless person who motivated everyone with extremely original and useful words, despite having your own exam too. You are an epitome of what I strive to be, and have inspired me to a huge extent. You were too good. Thank you for everything!

And thank you Jatin! Thank you for making me toil hard to convince you to not leave chapters. Thank you for making me a hypocrite: I was designing time-tables for you, when I was myself not sure of mine. Thank you for supporting me in spamming those cringe-worthy lyrics,and giving me the time of my life( and earning us a few blocks too!) 

And thank you Devanshu! Thank you for getting me to debate over the usefulness of studies, and for being so obstinate that it made me question your existence. Thank you for your concern for the others, and for not letting me breathe till I put out that post regarding the confusion in History. Thank you for your awesome chats too!

And thank you zenab! Thank you for pushing me, and reminding me to post. Thank you for being my selfless alarm! And also for being lightning quick in commenting to my responses!

And thank you aj87( Darth Vader) for your awesome swagger and savage responses. For being the nervous relief for everyone, and for sharing the fanfare for HP! Lumos maxima to your help!

And thank you Leander, for your amazing appreciation and your fandoms. Thank you for being the nervous guy initially, and the "I dont give a f**k" later. Your never-say-die attitude is a big inspiration.

And thank you mustafa, for taking time out, and putting a positive comment on each of my responses. People like you inspired me to return!

And thanks taha, for being the partner-in-crime for the longest conversation in comments, that I was a part of!

And how could I forget Ayush Joshi! Thank you for your always-there positivity and cool comments that would make my day!

Thank you krisshibu for all your appreciation which forced me to yearn for writing those posts, so that I could read your responses.

Thank you karan patrick, for your awesome responses, and making me feel like one of you, by engaging me in interesting conversations!

And thank you Pratham, for always being one of the first ones to appreciate my posts, and spreading positivity!

Thank you Ebin Jose, for being that real life Flash, who liked each and every post of mine, almost before I even posted them!

Thank you Neil, for letting me be your Dr. Watson when we shut that hypebeast guy/girl/other and sent him back to his "mom".

Oh, and thank you Swarupa, although I don't know if you are reading this. Thank you for being that fun girl I could be totally honest with, and trusting me with your edchemy password and all those blabbering chats. For always cursing your teachers, and for that inspirational story. For hearing my useless banter patiently, and for abusing me whenever feeling like it! 

And yes! Thank you @coabhi, @resser, @rogue_knight, garima di, @greatkidgreta, @smileee27, @just17, and all other mates of hangout, for being the most awesome seniors and friends I could have hoped for. From those late night course-completing missions of the seniors, to all the people combining to sing songs like Angel, I will never forget a single moment I spent with you people.Ever.

I know I have left sooooo many people, and that is because my poor brain is too crowded with the multifaceted perks of "studies", and since the names of plants and enzymes, formulae and technical terms are all floating around in my already small mind, I was bound to miss out on some unmissable people. Please forgive me if you can, and then comment below so that I can thank my heart out in person.

This is your independence, for a while. Enjoy it well, and yes! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE THIS PLACE. Stay, like I did, and help out those incoming people. It earns good karma( although I think my bad deeds are beyond nullification by even an infinite amount of good karma ;)). I will come here, although less often, and won't post these looong posts any more. But I'll stay, because a family, is family. To quote Stuart Little(yeah that white rodent), "You may be anywhere in the world: your family beckons you back, giving you the strength to negotiate the toughest paths" Okay. That rat didn't say ALL that,but it was something like that. 

Now, my mom is eyeing me suspiciously, and if I don't stop soon, I'll be soundly and soulfully thrashed. 

So, I guess there is not much more to say. I cannot say, "RIP THROUGH THAT PAPER!", 'cause I guess you have already done that. 

But I know I can say one thing. You may have ripped the living daylights out of that paper, but I have one more advice. Remember, I once told you to tell the people asking wayward questions to come later? Now is the time. Call them up. During the run-up to the results, make people shit the beejezus out of their pants. Exact revenge. Revenge for all those out-of-course questions that scared you then. Make up conspiracy theories for absolutely simple questions and show them how they have done everything wrong. If they wrote in blue ink, tell them black was compulsary. If they did rough work, tell them it was not allowed this year. Tell them that their format was all wrong. WRECK THEIR HOLIDAYS. MAKE THEM PAY!

So, my soldiers, from here, you begin a march. A march to greatness, a march to glory!

RUBBISH. There is no march. Only class 11. And that is FUN. For example, today we had results for class 11 in our school, and we threw a huuuuge party. As if we had all scored above 90%. The reason for the party? None of us failed. Yeah. That's right. Not one.

I think this has been too long a post, with too less humor. So, I'll stop. My mom has just gone to the kitchen, and I fear she has gone to fetch a knife. So, if you don't hear from me for a month, well, hope for the best. ;)

So, you awesome, awesome person reading this: Enjoy life, other things like boreds results( Pun intended? Hell yeah!) can wait for an eternity.


But not literally, 'cause you can't digest cellulose.


asked by ... (sam307) 1 year ago
My Best Wishes to all those who are sitting for their EVS Exam tomorrow!

- Rahul Bhardwaj :)
asked by RaBh (rahulbhardwaj2002) 1 year ago
asked by Darshana Patil (studiousm) 1 year ago

+ 3 more questions by studiousm  

How can I delete my Resapp account??
asked by Ananya Aakriti (ananya2309) 1 year ago

+ 1 more questions by ananya2309  

anyone writing JEE in 2020?
asked by Darsan Sunoj (1rave) 1 year ago

+ 1 more questions by 1rave  

Hello Friends, 
WARNING: Long and Boring and verbose response.
Few Things about me: I have an impish sense of humor, Lazy, Ugly(Might have realized from my profile pic lol).
Few people I would like to thank for my amazing experience on ResPaper:
1). @pd2207 - Perhaps the only person who knows me the most on Respaper and my only classmate. Thanks for your timely help.
2) @aj87 - Theonly way I can describe you is that:
Studying all day was hell, and thou a merry devil did rob it of some of its tediousness. You have compelled me to watch Star Wars now Maan! Thanks a lot.
3) Pranav Ajinkya, Ansh Singh and Sparsh Agarwal- Congrats for being the top three contributors on Res! Your responses have always helped me to correct my own answers and a new perspective in my way of thinking. thanks to you too.
4). @yashaswini72, @aayushjoshi, @gar_do2 - Thanks for your constant support and positive responses responses to my comments.
5). I would also like to thank all those who have disliked my comments which just goes on to show that perfection never does exist.
6).Finally, I would like to thank you, YES YOU the one who took out your precious vacation-time to read my long post, I also apologise to the ones ones whose names I wanted to write but somehow could not.
If you are reading this till here: a gift for you- a melody I really like, hope you like it too
All The Best for the Future,
~Aameya Kulkarni
PS: You can mail me at: (ik its cringy xD)
asked by Aameya Kulkarni (aameyak) 1 year ago
Guys dont be angry this is a genuine doubt...
Remember the fucntion overloading program in computer aaplications paper? there we had to return the volume of respective solids...but in doing so i dint mention the thing :-  "22.0/7.0" for pi instead i did 22/7 
will i get marks?
1)in APC and other books i checked there are exact programs as this one where they too haven't mentioned 22.0 thing arent they wrong too?
2) will icse cut marks for such trivial mistakes
3) i have done a xtra program but its in the end its all perfect and fine...will one the first four be checked?
asked by โšกThe Flashโšก (devanshu8) 1 year ago
asked by Mathomania (sankua) 1 year ago
Guys plzz comment down ur insta ids and snapchat ids and Google plus ids ids too
It's party time
asked by Tiara Elizabeth (thejtthomas) 1 year ago
Now after sooooo much typing....
asked by Siddhant Joshi (siddhant94) 1 year ago
Swag se karenge sabka SWAGAT ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ
asked by Anwesha Das (anweshadas71) 1 year ago
Guys don't discuss Biology paper,  Focus on the next paper... Oh wait... SHIT
asked by Vegito SSG (mustafa53) 1 year ago

+ 1 more questions by mustafa53  

had a splendid time with yall guys
asked by Pranav Ajinkya (narutorocks7) 1 year ago
Rip...the shit ..disgusting.. Boards...xD
Today we regain our freedom at least for few

And thanks everyone who helped me...may we all pass with flying colors ..
asked by Devansh Tripathi (drdevansh) 1 year ago
I am experiencing the same feeling which the citizens of the earth experienced after boarding the arks in 2012 movie....xD
asked by Abhigyan Shanker (abhigyan19) 1 year ago
Goodbye for a year, respaper.
asked by Shreyas Minocha (shreyasminocha) 1 year ago
RIP: 1.Bio 2.HCG 3.Hindi *tears of joy*
asked by Arjit Chaturvedi (arjit03) 1 year ago
Bye friends, I won't probably open this site again ib ny life :)
asked by Aayush Paurana (aayush_therealbatman) 1 year ago
All the best guys!!!
I wish you all Karma ๐Ÿ˜Š
asked by Mohammad Azhaan (mazhaan) 1 year ago
Correct the sentence - 
The "cell formed" by the fusion of gametes is called embryo.
Change only "cell". ASAPPPPP!
asked by Harsh Nawal (harsh104) 1 year ago
After how many days ovary release ovum
asked by Gangadharanpillai Gangadharanpillaik (jgpvgp) 1 year ago
So if I'm not wrong, allantois is a set of villi from embryo that interlocks with the uterine wall of mother to form placenta..
So wth is a chorion??
asked by Nikhil Sreekumar (nikhilos) 1 year ago
Alvida ResMitron.........
asked by Aayush Patel (aayush25) 1 year ago

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