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A rectangular loop of area 5 sq m has 50 turns and carries a current of 1 A. It is held in a uniform magnetic field of 1.3 T, at an angle 30 degree. Calculate the torque experienced by the coil
asked by Sheeba Nair (sheebanair) 6 days ago
How to do the program of magic numher
asked by Kritagnik Bhattacharjee (kritagnik) 9 days ago
Anyone alive ?
asked by Ansh Anand (teleansh) 17 days ago

+ 2 more questions by teleansh  

even after buying the membership, why still some of the question papers have watermark?
asked by Rani Iyer (rri1234) 29 days ago
which institution to join for studying neet?There are so many like brilliant ....
asked by 38 Vaishnavi Subramaniam (vaishnavi63) 41 days ago

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anybody who have bhatkan (ekanki suman)?
please upload
asked by Rimmi Shweta (aaryan12) 42 days ago
Hey hi guys! hope u all doing i just thought of forming my own instagram page for my photography so if u wish, u may follow @lens_talk__ on insta....thnks :)
asked by Nikki (rshah21) 44 days ago

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where to get the answer of ICSE X 2020 sample papers
asked by Somnath Biswas (babu2004) 48 days ago
“A company has to pay interest on debentures prior to paying dividend on shares.”Justify.
asked by Vidit Trada (vidittrada) 49 days ago
Can i please get all the french grade 10 question papers?
asked by Veena Anup (eiffel) 59 days ago
ISC grade 11 question papers with answers
asked by Charles Miranda (charlesm) 68 days ago
Could someone please guide me to 12th CBSE page , if any ....
Btw is there is a Q&A page for NEET ? 
Boredom and isolation is not helping out at all...
asked by Arya Ajith (arya1019) 80 days ago
Can I learn topography from this website
asked by Sthita Sahu (sthitssahu) 88 days ago
Is the syllabus same for south as well as north for CBSE board?
asked by Bitthal Maheshwari (bitthal04) 131 days ago

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ICSE / ISC Results Declared: See your fellow ResPaper users' marks, and share your own!

asked by ICSE (icse) 139 days ago
I have created a page for students preparing for IIT JEE examinations. You can join the "school" just like you joined this school of "ICSE" on Respaper, and can ask Q&A on that school portal for JEE related doubts. We can upload JEE papers etc. and answer just like we did on ICSE. I hope this benefits all of us!
asked by Aquaman- King of the Seven Seas (shauns) 147 days ago

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if i pay for one month how many question papers i can see, need below three of them kindly suggest me
1 General Aspects of Energy Management & Energy Audit
2 Energy Efficiency in Thermal Utilities
3 Energy Efficiency in Electrical Utilities
asked by Shyam Sundar (sana0788) 159 days ago
environmental applications 2019 icse paper?
asked by Viji Suresh (likithasuresh) 165 days ago
How to crack gate exam looking for best EMFT Tutor, Pls Suggest!
asked by Prakarti verma (prakarti49) 166 days ago
since there is a choice of giving the remaining exams, how many of you are gonna give them???
asked by Anjali Sharma (coolgirl124) 167 days ago
Hello guys how are you doing?
asked by Bishwa Bhusan Saha (bishwa_bhusan_saha) 178 days ago
how do i get 2017 icse computer application question paper?
asked by Jai Sai Maruthi Surgicals (qwerty2004) 204 days ago
How can I download biology notes pdf. Tell me any one
asked by Chandan Singh (chandansingh123456) 204 days ago
what everyone dead?
asked by Aditi RK (sciencegeek) 210 days ago
Guys this is my first post in my blog. Do read it. Genuine criticism and comments are much welcome.

asked by Alan (anuakil) 224 days ago

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Resdevs(resadmins) if you are reading this please take this into account.

This site used to be a gem till last year but it has all eluded after that, here has just been a downhill slope from there, and we all know the reason! There is no wrong in you charging for the content if it was purely made by you, but it is not. Yes you can charge for it but atleast have loosen your rules. Let people view atleast a limited number of respapers per day. And allow people who have uploaded a respaper view other peoples respapers. Or if not that than just start a perk/achievement where you can get some few days of free excess by completing a perk!! This is just needed or this website will attract no more traffic. If you want money than you can even show ads on the website, it will not be a great hinderence  for the prize it would give.

Seeing this website die is literally killing me and to be honest I am crying while typing this post. I always wanted to write something long in this Q/A section but always avoided that because of my laziness but I didn't knew I would have to do so for such reasons. 

Please Res, it is a request from my heart. This site has just been embedded in my heart and it's process of vanishing is drilling a hole in my heart and I know most if not all of the people who have ever witnessed this site in its days of glory will feel this.

It is my humble request please take steps to bring back those GLORY DAYS!!!!!!!
asked by Nisarg Bhavsar (nisarg71) 233 days ago

+ 1 more questions by nisarg71  

Guys...anyone has all the papers of BEE with solutions..i need it..please help me..thanks a lot
asked by Abhijeet Lage (abhi203) 235 days ago
Anyone still on here? 2019 batch!
asked by Joseph Chennattu (joseph444) 235 days ago
please provide the answers for your chemistry icse acids bases and salt paper!!!!
asked by Hriday Sethi (terabaap92) 238 days ago
What's your favourite self-isolation activity
asked by Hype Beast (hypebeast) 244 days ago
Will exam be cancelled?
asked by Soham Jha (soham1108) 249 days ago
I'm back!!!!!!
Yeah, it's been a while, Narayana's kept me a lil' busy, but corona kinda helped me out here...
Any 2019 batch wale hmu!!!
asked by Mr. Mathematics (aditya_bandaru) 253 days ago
Congratulations to Mr Rikhil Gupta for getting such a wonderful rank in KVPY SA....
Your passion and love for science is praiseworthy!
May you have a wonderful future!
asked by ⚡The Flash⚡ (devanshu8) 253 days ago
write a program in java to accept a string in lower case and change the first letter of every word to upper case .display the new string
asked by Akshat Gupta (akshatgupta95) 255 days ago
Where can I get ICSE class X Music papers
asked by Siya Sharma (siya88) 263 days ago
can u send history civics 2020 board ouestion paper?
asked by Nikunj k (nisha1978) 267 days ago
The velocity of light in diamond is 121,000 km s? What is its refractive index?
asked by Schawla Rajesh (aayushi27) 268 days ago
where can I see answer key of the maths Prelim papers for 2020 ISC
asked by Parv Bhadra (vasu_peppy) 268 days ago
Another article in my blog....published after a loong time.
asked by Rikhil Gupta (rikhil32) 273 days ago

+ 1 more questions by rikhil32  

kindly help with ICSE prelim 2019 - 2020 physics.chemistry, computer prelim papers fro 1.) dhirubhai ambani school, 2.) jb petit 3.) jamnabhai
asked by Mobileworld Asia (aleem100) 274 days ago
When are your Boards gonna end ?
asked by Rishi dey chowdhury (rishidc) 275 days ago
In the 2019 ICSE Math Paper, why is the probability of a disc with odd number 12/25 in the analysis?
(Question 5 a)
asked by Harsh Manghnani (harshm04) 276 days ago
In a formal letter if we are to write one to the police commissioner regarding the traffic congestion outside your school. What must be the sender's address?
asked by Ritu Rajesh (riturajesh2004) 277 days ago
Has she written to you? (Change voice)
Please answer the above question.
asked by Yeshwanth VM (yeshwanth_vm) 277 days ago
"I will prepare the dinner. You advise me."
 Join the above sentences

please help
asked by Divyatmika Mohanty (divyatmika_mohanty) 278 days ago
Can someone write for me an essay or some good points on Environmental change and protection?
asked by hemasingh 279 days ago
1. Is X-Rays in syllabus?
2. What do we need to study in 'communication systems'?
asked by (godblessme20) 283 days ago
asked by Warblazer games&more (warblazer) 283 days ago
Hello! Seems like Res is dead but just wanted to wish the people still lurking here, A Best of Luck for their Exams! This website has literally the best thing that happened to me during my ICSE boards and I couldn't have asked for anything better! I hope that y'all are doing good these days!! I can only speak from my experience so a tip for the ones giving their exam these days: Get your books and get out of the damn house. or incorporate exercise in your hectic schedule. BUT PLEASE. get out. I was a hermit in my room for a month which is not good because my legs terribly gave up after and studying in one place won't do you any favours. get done fresh air. You've got this!!!
asked by Isha Choudhury (dessicatedcoconut) 283 days ago
Hi ,
I could'nt find French Language group 3 elective questions papers.,
I was able to find only one paper posted by Aayushmaan Jain
asked by Aruna Kumari (sansai) 285 days ago

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