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ICSE Class IX Prelims 2021 : Computer Applications (Vibgyor High School, Marathahalli, Bangalore)

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Devesh Senthilkumar
Vibgyor High School, Marathahalli, Bangalore
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VIBGYOR HIGH First Term Examination AY 2020-2021 COMPUTER APPLICATIONS Grade: IX Max. Marks: 100 Date: 16/09/2020 Time Allowed: 2 hours INSTRUCTIONS: This Paper is divided into Section A and Section B. Attempt all questions from Section A and any four questions from Section B. This Paper contains 4 printed pages. SECTION A (40 marks) [10] Q.1 a) Define term literal. Name any two literal. [2] b) Write the Java expression for the following: = 2 ( + ( 2 4 )). [2] c) Give the output of the following code segments: [2] i. Math.ceil(81.06) ii. Math.floor(45.87) d) What is the purpose of new operator in Java. Give example. [2] e) List all principles of OOP. [2] [10] Q.2 a) What are the types of casting shown by the following examples? i. double x=15.2; int y=(int)x; ii. int x=12; long y=x; 1 [2]

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