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ICSE Class IX Prelims 2021 : Computer Applications (Greenwood High International School, Bengaluru)

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Greenwood High International School, Bengaluru
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GREENWOOD HIGH UNIT TEST 1- JULY 2020 SUBJECT Computer Applications Grade 9 Date: 29/07/20 Question 1 Choose the correct answer for the following: Time: 40 min Max. Mark: 25 [5X1] i)_________ are non executable statements in Java a) Expressions b) Identifiers c) Logical operators d) Comments ii) The ___________ construct means the execution of statement(s) depending upon a condition or test, and takes one of two course of action. a) sequence b) selection c) iteration d) looping iii) Which of the following is a valid literal ? a) public b) variable x c) void d) 29 iv) What is the size(in bytes) and default value of int data type ? a) 4 bytes , 0 b) 8 bytes , 1 c) 2 bytes , 0 d) 16 bytes , 1 v) In object oriented programming _______________ is the concept that has the ability for a message or data to be processed in more than one form. a) Encapsulation b) Abstraction c) Polymorphism d) Inheritance THIS PAPER HAS 2 PRINTED PAGES 1

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