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CBSE XII Sample / Mock 2017 : BIOTECHNLOGY

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Sample Question Paper Class: XII Biotechnology (Theory) (2016-17) Sub Code: 045 Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 70 General Instructions All questions are compulsory Question paper consists of 4 sections A,B,C and D Question numbers 1 to 6 are very short answer questions each carrying one mark Question numbers 7 to 14 are short answer questions each carrying two marks Question numbers 15 to 25 are also short answer questions each carrying three marks Question numbers 26 to 28 are long answer questions each carrying five marks There is no overall choice. However an internal choice has been provided in one question of three marks and two questions of five marks. You have to attempt only one of the choices in such questions. Use of calculators is not permitted. However, you may use log tables, if necessary. Section A 1. How is oxygen provided in fermentors? 1 2. Why is a pilot plant essential in microbial culture works? 1 3. As a biotechnologist, what would you suggest to a farmer for successful pollination or fertilization in plants. 1 4. Why do plant cells in culture require nutrient media for growth. 1 5. Why is splitting of animal cells essential? 1 6. Name the first drug to be produced by mammalian cell culture? 1 Section B 7. Which type of restriction enzymes are used in RDT and why? 2 8. Explain in brief any two types of non-covalent interactions found in proteins. 2 9. Which type of DNA library would you prefer for liver cells. Give proper explanation for making such a library. 2 10. How can you maximize protein stability during purification?Write any two parameters for the same. 2 11. Number of genes is not related to the complexity of an organism.Give reasons. 2 Sample Question Paper -2 pg. 1

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