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CBSE Class 11 Pre Board 2019 : Computer Science (St Xavier's Sr. Sec. School, Delhi)

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Cbse 11
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Annual Examination in COMPUTER SCIENCE Std. 11 28-2-2019 Time : 3 hrs. Max. Marks : 70 1. Write any two differences between each of the following [10] a) char array and array of strings b) Normal array and unsized arrays c) Arrays and structures d) strcmp( ) and strcpy( ) f) cout and puts( ) 2. a) Write two limitations of 2D unisized array. [1] b) Write declarations for the following:[1] I. Array to store all houses names (eg. Tagore, Gandhi etc..) II. Array to store first five elements of Fibonacci series. c) Write headers files for built in function given below:[3] i) cos( ) ii) toupper( ) iii) strcpy( ) iv) exit(0) v) randomize( ) vi) setprescision( ) d) How does c++ view string as? Which character marks end of the string? [1] e) Write one drawback of random( ) function? How you will remove this drawback? [1] f) Find total no of bytes required to store each of the following array. [1] i) char S[3+5][40]; ii) float f[10][30-5]; g) Write maximum number of elements 1D array and 2D array can hold. [1] h) What will be the value of the components of given arrays. [3] i) float sal[2]={7899.00}; ii) char S[2] ={ D }; iii) int D[ ][2]={88.5}; i) What is the size of the array: int data[] = { 12, 34, 9, 0, -62, 88 }; [1] j) How many rows are there in the given array: float S[ ][2] ={ 2,3,5,6,78.5}; [1] 3 Underline and correct the errors in the given program segements. a) void main( ) { clrscr( ); float a[10.0]; char s[4][ ]= Hi ; int a{c}; for(i=0; i=5; i++) cin>>a; get(s); } b) void main() { struct student( ) { char name[25]; int age=17; int roll=4; } Student stud; Strcpy(, Haris ); age=17; cout<<name; cout << age.stud; } 4. Write the output of the following. a) void main( ) {char x[ ] = InFOrMAtIOn ; int i=0; while( x[i] != \0 ) {if (i%2 = = 1) x[i] = tolower(x[i]); else x[i]= * ; i++; } cout<<x; } Std. 11 -2- [3] [3] [2] COMPUTER SCIENCE

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