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CBSE Class 11 Pre Board 2020 : Computer Science (Delhi Public School (DPS), Jammu)

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Cbse 11
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DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, JAMMU ASSIGNMENT FOR FINAL EXAMINATION (2020) SUBJECT: COMPUTER SCIENCE(083) CLASS: XI Q.1 What is the need for secure passwords? Q.2 What is the significance of Firewall in a computer s security scheme? Q.3 What is Authentication and Authorization? Why are these two used together? Q.4 How is pharming similar to and different from phishing? Q.5 What are denial-of-service or Sweeper attack? Q.6 What measures would you take to avoid (a)Virus attack (b) Spyware (c) Adware (d) Spam Q.7 What do you understand by PC intrusion? Q.8 What is a spam? Why has it become a big Internet issue? Q.9 (e) PC Intrusion What are malware? What type damages can they cause to your computer? Q.10 What type damages can be caused by viruses to your computer? Q.11 Why are privacy settings of a social networking site so important? Q.12 What is digital footprint? Why is it so important? Q.13 What is cyber bullying and cyber stalking? Q.14 What is cyber-crime? How can you report it? Q.15 What are cookies? How are they used by websites to track you? Q.16 What should you do to protect your identity on Internet? Q.17 What are the main categories of NoSQL databases? Q.18 How is a cross join different from natural join? Give example. Q.19 What is database index? Is it a table? Q.20 Differentiate between (i) DROP TABLE, DROP DATABASE (ii) DROP TABLE, DROP clause of ALTER TABLE.

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