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ISC Specimen 2011 Computer Science Paper 2 (Practical)

2 pages, 3 questions, 3 questions with responses, 6 total responses
Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC), New Delhi
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COMPUTER SCIENCE Paper 2 (PRACTICAL) (Reading Time : 15 minutes) (Planning Session AND Examination Session : Three Hours) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The total time to be spent on the Planning session and the Examination session is Three hours. After completing the Planning Session, the candidate may begin with the Examination Session. A maximum of 90 minutes is permitted for the Planning Session. However, if candidates finish earlier, they are to be permitted to begin the Examination Session. (Maximum Marks : 80 ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As it is a practical examination the candidate is expected to do the following : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Write an algorithm for the selected problem. ( Algorithm should be expressed clearly using any standard scheme such as pseudo code or in steps which are simple enough to be obviously computable ) [10] Write a program in JAVA language. The program should follow the algorithm and should be logically and syntactically correct. [20] Document the program using mnemonic names / comments, identifying and clearly describing the choice of data types and meaning of variables. [10] Code / Type the program on the computer and get a printout ( Hard Copy ). Typically, this should be a program that compiles and runs correctly. [10] Test run the program on the computer using the given sample data and get a printout of the output in the format specified in the problem. [10] Viva-Voce on the Selected Problem . [20] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15 ISC Specimen Question Paper

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Solve any one of the following Problems. Question 1 Design a program which inputs a date in six digit number format i.e. 141296 . Test the validity of the date and print the date in full form . If date is invalid then print a message as Invalid Date 1. Example : INPUT OUTPUT 2. Example : INPUT OUTPUT 3. Example : INPUT OUTPUT : : : 141296 14th December , 96 VALID DATE : : : 230488 23rd April , 88 VALID DATE : : 300284 INVALID DATE Question 2 Write a program to fill in a two dimensional array in a circular fashion with natural numbers from 1 to N2, given N as input. Example : if N = 4, N2 = 16, then the array will be : 1 12 11 10 2 13 16 9 3 14 15 8 4 5 6 7 Question 3 Accept a paragraph of text consisting of sentences that are terminated by either . , , , ! or a ? followed by a space. Assume that there can be a maximum of 05 sentences in a paragraph. Design a program to perform the following : (a) Arrange the sentences in alphabetical order of words, sentence by sentence. (b) Separate the words which begin with a vowel. Sample data 1: INPUT: OUTPUT: VOWELS: HELLO ! HOW ARE YOU ? WHEN ARE YOU COMING ? HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON. HELLO ! ARE HOW YOU ? ARE COMING WHEN YOU ? HOPE SEE SOON TO YOU. ARE Sample data 2 : INPUT : OUTPUT : VOWELS: THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPED OVER THE LAZY DOG. BROWN DOG FOX JUMPED LAZY OVER QUICK THE THE. OVER ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16 ISC Specimen Question Paper

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