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ICSE Specimen 2015 : Physics (Science Paper - 1)
How does it concern u?? Write whatever u wish to..and let me do the same
tanishqsingh 52 mins ago
ICSE PRELIMS 2015 : Biology (Frank Anthony)

Controls functioning of internal organs such as heart , lungs and the involuntary actions pertaining to such organs.. 

sankaps 1 hour ago

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im gettin 200.143........

vinayak_11 2 hours ago

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ICSE PRELIMS 2015 : English Language(Frank Anthony)

Although there was heavy traffic, we reached the stadium on time.

aadarsh4 2 hours ago

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ICSE Specimen 2015 : Biology (Science Paper - 3)
lotuskumar 3 hours ago

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Bombay Scottish School 2015 Physics Prelim Paper ICSE

Yeah there will be no change but since in the question the unit is in °C so answering it in °C will be more appropriate, right?

beast 3 hours ago
ICSE Specimen 2015 : Physics (Science Paper - 1)

fuck you you son of an ASS

prashant_thakur 4 hours ago
Arya Vidya Mandir 2015 Geography Prelim Paper ICSE

because black soil is formed in situ

itscp 4 hours ago

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Bombay Scottish School 2015 Biology Prelim Paper ICSE

3 - Cell Membrane

mack2061 4 hours ago

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Arya Vidya Mandir 2015 Geography Prelim Paper ICSE


akshit31 4 hours ago
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