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Selected Recent Responses

GATE 2009 : Chemistry


Inversion of configuaration in Mitsunobu reaction.

9735554561 10 hours ago
ICSE 2013 : Hindi


rockstarrachit 1 day ago
ICSE 2012 History and Civics
The ministers are appointed by the President in consultation with the Prime Minister
nishshastry 1 day ago
ResPaper ICSE 2014 Result Wall - Share your result!
@sadaf15 u r n isc now?
sanjay1023 2 days ago
Physics ICSE 2014

Efficeincy=Work output

                     Work input

n=L x LA/ E x EA

n=L/ E  X   LA/EA

n=MA /   EA/LA


resdebaparida 2 days ago
History_Civics ICSE 2014

Ordinance is written order passed by president when parliament is not in seesion

kapees 3 days ago
ISC Specimen 2011 Mathematics

LHS:  (√3+i)6


=26(cos π/6+sin π/6)*6

=64(cos π+isin π)



ans -64 & 0

soo simple so dont disturb binomial unnescessarily

ankit23 3 days ago
Maths ICSE 2014

cbox 4 days ago
ICSE Specimen 2011 English Paper 1 (English Language)
Such a nice topic:-)
princess123456 5 days ago


mumbai26 6 days ago

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