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ISC Specimen 2016 Indian Music Carnatic Paper 1

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Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC), New Delhi
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INDIAN MUSIC (CARNATIC) Paper 1 (THEORY) (Three hours) Maximum Marks: 70 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper. They must NOT start writing during this time) Answer any five of the following questions. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets( ) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Question 1 [14] Write short notes on any four of the following terms with appropriate examples: (a) Mitra ragas (b) Atita graha (c) Nyasa svara (d) Jati (e) Law of Homogeneity (f) Svara sahitya Question 2 [14] Describe the Raga lakshanas of any two of the following: (a) 29th melakarta (b) Veda-Bhu (c) Poorvikalyani (d) Chakravakam Question 3 Explain: (a) Define Notation . (b) Explain the various signs and symbols used in notation [3] [11] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 ISC SPECIMEN QUESTION PAPER 2016

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Question 4 (a) What is meant by Janya raga? [2] (b) Explain Upanga and Bhashanga raga? [4] (c) Explain :Katapayadi Forumula? [4] (d) Mention how the ri-ga and dha- na combinations are mentioned in the 72 mela scheme? [4] Question 5 Write in notation: Any Varnam in adi talam [14] Question 6 (a) Explain Sapta Tala and its angas [5] (b) Expalin Chapu tala and its varieties [9] Question 7 Write in detail: Kriti and its decorative angas. [14] Question 8 Write the life history of any one of the following composers. [14] (a) Narayana Tirtha (b) Purandara Dasa ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 ISC SPECIMEN QUESTION PAPER 2016


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