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Is brown ring test in scope?
According to Dalal textbook, it is not!
But many of my friends are telling me that it is!
asked by Erick Rajamani (erick312) 7 mins ago
asked by Shivaanee sharma (shivaanee22) 1 hour ago
In the laboratory preparation of Ammonia  its written " A higher ratio by weight of the alkali used may counter act the loss by sublimation of ammonium chloride on heating in the solid state . " 
Here i think the Ammonium chloride due to sublimation has its qty decreased so shouldnt it be used more instead of alkali ?

Can explain the reason and if my understanding is correct .

P.S --> Its given in Viraf Dalal pg 179 if needed .
Thanks ! .
asked by Whats in the name ? (sid_9869) 1 hour ago
Someone please upload a compilation of important locations in biology?
asked by Avinab Neogy (anamikaneogy) 2 hours ago
Whats the color of bromine? Is it reddish-brown or brown or orange?
asked by Ushosee Das (aria124) 2 hours ago

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Which salt never react wid H2So4
asked by Parth Sarthi (parthsarthi001) 2 hours ago
Is gas laws in the syllabus
asked by Sahil Prasad (sahilp007) 2 hours ago
Highest electron affinity ??Chlorine or Flourine 
my ans is chlorine (i think this is an exception)
asked by Qwerty (anurag45) 2 hours ago

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is metallurgy of iron [blast furnace] there in syllabus ?
asked by Sanjana Nayar (breadtoast2001) 3 hours ago

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Hello everyone!
I must say many people made my life hell here on respaper. 
What have you to do with my name? Are you me or am I you!?
Also, messages regarding nameand stuff?
Do you not know how to behave on Internet sites like respaper or is your mind devoid of all wit?
PLEASE stop troubling me and stop Trolling!
Concentrate on your result, future, ICSE !
THIS IS  Q AND A page.
I.come here to answer questions and not to engage in wars with all of you.

At the same time do learn something from people like Tanisha, Heisenberg, Nishant,@booksboozer here !

Stop Troubling and irritating me and tunng my life hell.
I m trying my best to score a decent Percentage in ICSE boards, you should do the same!!!!!!
asked by Sdfg Sdfg (sdfg) 3 hours ago

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asked by Jacob Vacha (merc970) 3 hours ago
Can anyone pls gve me the ans of this MCQ- What happens when potassium iodide solution is added to lead nitrate solution?
1. 		Curdy white precipitate is formed.
2. 		Yellow precipitate is formed.
3. 		Gelatinous white precipitate, which dissolves in excess of potassium iodide is formed.
4. 		Black precipitate is formed.
asked by Disha Ghatak (disha95) 3 hours ago

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How can we compare the stability of compunds of an element? (For example if Hydrogen and Na are present with oxygen. Will it combine with Na or H and why?)
asked by Satendra singh (skshooda) 3 hours ago

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in concise chemistry pg:98 electrolysis of nacl  at the cathode hydrogen is dischared  but there is high concentration of na+ than h+
please can anyone explain the reason
asked by Steny James (steny) 4 hours ago
So many people are having doubts here!
I will frequently upload interesting questions and chapter wise analysis so you know what to learn.
I will start of with basic chemistry:
Do not mug them up. Just don't. You will mess up.
Understand equations. Understand their products. Learn balancing (use youtube for reference).
Suppose the reaction of HCl (conc) and K2Cr2O7 (acidified) is asked.
Understand what happens with reaction with conc HCl. Metallic chloride, chlorine gas and water is formed. Now K2Cr2O7 has two metals so 2 metallic chloride will be formed. KCl and CrCl3. Now as all water and oxygen will be used up to prepare water, number od HCl molecules = 2x the number of oxygen atoms.
Hence we have 14 HCl.
We have 2 K, so 2KCl will be formed.
We have 2 Cr, so 2CrCl3 will be formed.
This leaves 10Cl atoms = 5Cl2.
If you understand equations and know products, you can form any equation you want, even if you dont remember balancing or haven't learnt it.

2) Do not forget to write concentrated , dilute, acidified, alkaline or alcoholic. These carry 1/2 marks. the conditions I.e. temperate, pressure, catalyst, promoter. Remember if an equation is reversible or not. Remember if reaction is exothermic or endothermic. If it is the former, make a triangle ∆ with the products. If it is latter, make a triangle ∆ on the arrow.
That's all from this. Respond if you have a doubt regarding equations. I'll post chapter 1 and 2 analysis in the morning.
asked by eeshaan17 4 hours ago

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I've seen many people here saying that physics paper was tough according to me it was easy it depended on numerical so and even descriptive part of 40marks carried objective questions can you please tell me how it turned out to be a tough one for you guys?!?!?!?!?
asked by Yuvraj Partani (yuvraj2409) 4 hours ago
Hey any other publisher for biology? plz name them?other than selina
asked by Navneeth (poopstar) 4 hours ago
Will any questions be repeated from previous years boards????
asked by Icse (ajinsumesh) 4 hours ago
What is the difference between orbit and orbital?
asked by Anurag Munshi (anuragmunshi) 4 hours ago
cud anyone explain how Cr attains stability using inner orbital ec in the compound Cr2O3
asked by Akash Ashok (akashskyash007) 5 hours ago
any tough chemistry papers?
asked by Shreyas Kulkarni (shreyas25164909) 5 hours ago
1 to identify which salt for which double decomposition pl
asked by Asha Jagasia (jagasiaasha) 5 hours ago
Any chemistry tips ...................plz
asked by Preetham (preetham21) 6 hours ago
can anyone tell me how %is calculated in ICSE
asked by Aru.... (aruntimmy10101111) 6 hours ago
How does encapsulation implement abstraction??
asked by Deblina Bora (booksboozer) 6 hours ago
Im weak at distinguishing btw salts... Can anyone suggest some tips pls
asked by Asha yeldho (greenday68) 6 hours ago
2 Question 1 e)
asked by Xyz (san_ika) 6 hours ago
हिंदी में एकांकी संचय का पहले सवाल का आखरी जवाब क्या है बहु की विदा वाला प्लीज हेल्प करें मेरी और ये बता दीजिये की मैंने लिखा है विद्यार्थी (का)जिज्ञासु होना चाहिए ।। को की जगह की लिखने पर मेरा पूरा एक नंबर काट जायेगा क्या दोस्तों 😢
asked by Manoj Sharma (sharmamanoj860) 6 hours ago
asked by Zil Jani (zzzzzz) 7 hours ago
Is it compulsory to write all programs either using scanner class or buffered reader?
asked by Sidd (mary61) 7 hours ago
1 This paper is worth a solve for chemustry.. its a balanced and nice paper try it
asked by Siddharth Chhetri (dgenerationx) 7 hours ago
paristithi ans was there in one of naya rasta Q
asked by Mohammed Malik Sharaf (mmks1234) 8 hours ago
Q8 ka 1st answer(hindi) bata do
asked by Rishab Batra (rishab710) 8 hours ago
Guys vxtro is in my school and I know him.......he's in 12 ISC
asked by Aayush Kapoor (acurry) 8 hours ago
What is the shudh ward for paristhiti
asked by rayyan12495 8 hours ago
Any one started studying chemistry.
asked by Drij Vaghasia (drij5860) 8 hours ago

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any quorans here anywhere   ???............
asked by Iron_Fist !!! (rishabsaphal) 9 hours ago
What is the formula for sodium aluminate that they tell you in 10th? I want to know which phase.
asked by vextro Name (vxtro) 9 hours ago
in 2017 icse hindi exam, i wrote the first essay.. that is the book review. when i started to write it there was only 10 mins left. so i read the question fast and wrote. so instead of writing the book review, i wrote uses of book about 1.5 pages. then i realized that i had to writea book review. so in the last 5 mins, i had to take another booklet.. and i only wrote a half a page about the book. will i loose marks? if yes, how much?
asked by Vinayakan Sudheesh (wi_vid) 9 hours ago
guys what did u write for the meaning of comprehension?
asked by Anant Abhyankar (firefistsabo) 9 hours ago
Why are the board people experimenting on us?NO visheshan ,no bhavavachak but that shuddhi?Do they like torturing us?
(I know the shuddhi one were really easy but still...
asked by Tanisha Vats (catercousin10) 10 hours ago
Today's paper was quite easy dont you think?? After phy and geo....they shouldn't start again with chem/bio
asked by Nishant Shah (nishantshahroxx) 10 hours ago
time for all rattebaaz to show their power in next two exams.......
asked by Prathamesh Mainkar (psm09) 10 hours ago
What is the answer of sakhi 1st question?
asked by Shubham Patel (idontknow30) 10 hours ago
I attempted Q(1)-iv  in Hindi.I modified the baat athanni ki story  n wrote it.will my marks  be deducted???
asked by Jam mep (throne) 10 hours ago
What if we have written more than 250 words in the essay?
Like around 300 or 350?
asked by SayWhatBbg (eleanor25) 10 hours ago

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Why can't the answer for the question 5(5a) be jijivisha?
asked by Mythili Podapati (sashimaithili) 11 hours ago

+ 1 more questions by sashimaithili  

Answer of apoorn  vartman kaal  is raat se sardi bhardti ja rhi h
asked by Daniel hughes (safi444) 11 hours ago
In questions where your opinion is asked, if you justify it then will they give marks?
asked by Sumukh Kulkarni (unstunned) 11 hours ago
The space between the cell wall and plasma membrane in a plasmolysed  cell is filled with:
asked by Roshan Geo Roy (yoboyyy) 12 hours ago

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