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Could someone please send a list of diagrams that we have for biology. Thanks!
asked by Nadine Monteiro (nadine) 56 mins ago
Exosmosis,Endosmosis,Osmosis,Plasmolysis..... Odd one.....

Please tell me the answer......
asked by Jhinuk Bhattacharjee (myself1002) 4 hours ago

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What are littoral forests?
asked by Shreya (shreya1300) 5 hours ago

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Broken grounds is _______erosion.
asked by Jai Veer Pratap Atomic no. 83 (jai_veer_pratap) 12 hours ago

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Is runtime error and Logical error the same ?
asked by Siddharth Thorat (sid_9869) 14 hours ago

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In Civics ( Judiciary),
What is superintendence and what is the limitation of High Court in it?
asked by Amol Bohora (amolbohora) 18 hours ago
Any tips for writing the summary in 60 words of the comprehension passage?
asked by Ronaldo (techtoicsaf) 1 day ago

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I have the candid icse history and civics book. Is it any good, 'cause a lot of stuff in that book is out of syllabus. If its not a good book, please suggest a good book. I've heard a few responses in the QnA section that the morning star book is good. Is this true?
asked by Heisenberg (heisenberg_11) 1 day ago

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Many questions have been asked regarding the Geography textbook.
I just want to bring to everyone's notice that 2016 paper is replete with questions 'lifted' from Total Geography and Candid Evergreen Discovering the World. (I know this because I used these two books and came across identical questions in their exercises.)

Suggestion: if you buy either of these two books now .. don't go through the entire text just go through the exercises and questions in them and see whether you are able to answer them
asked by Sdfg Sdfg (sdfg) 1 day ago

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Is rita rajen a good book for geography?
asked by Himanshu Agarwal (himanshu2801) 1 day ago
What is meant by oxy-acetylene flame.What is the color of it.?
asked by Funny Funny (funnysimgh) 1 day ago

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Name the type of error when a variable is divided by a value of zero.
asked by Deblina Bora (booksboozer) 1 day ago
if it is asked to state the structural formula do we have to draw the structure?(of an organic comp)
asked by Juniee14 (junie) 1 day ago

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I am typing this post to know whether I have covered the entire syllabus for the Board Exam by having the correct textbook.So I will provide the names of the textbooks I have.If you the reader feels that I have fallen short of covering the entire syllabus by having the wrong textbook please do point it out along with the correct one to be studied.
Mathematics-Concise Mathematics
English Literature-Oxford version of Shakespeare&ICSE a collection of poems and short                     
                                stories by Interunity Press
Computer-Computer Applications by Sumita Arora
Physics-Concise Physics
Biology-Concise Biology
Chemistry-Chemistry by Anita Prasad
History&Civics-Morning Star
Geography-Frank Modern
asked by Kumari Yamuna (adithyaanil) 1 day ago

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If we are asked to draw the early anaphase stage of a plant cell with 3 pairs of chromosomes, how many sister chromatids do we have to draw on each side? Plz provide a diagram
asked by Ushosee Das (aria124) 1 day ago

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on which phenomenon of sound does echo depends on??
asked by Adwaya Majumder (adwaya) 2 days ago
what are the similarities between the functioning of lok Sabha and rajya Sabha
asked by Immaculate Damasus (immaculate2001) 2 days ago

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How many of you use Candid ICSE Discovering the World (Evergreen) for Geography?
asked by Vratika Moolrajani (vratika_moolrajani) 3 days ago

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Guys can somebody please upload Chemistry Prelim paper of Jasudben ML School, Mumbai
asked by Chaitanya Bulusu (chaitanyabulusu) 3 days ago

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asked by Srichitra Vankadari (hpsk) 3 days ago

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D ore of zinc containing its sulphate (znso4)
asked by Sohan_SR (sohansr) 4 days ago

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Which type of essay fetches the highest marks in English language paper?
asked by Nishi Khandelwal (nishi88) 4 days ago

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mathematics-) do we have to write steps of construction in construction questions?
asked by Jayant Chaudhary (jayant002) 4 days ago

+ 3 more questions by jayant002 Please  can anyone show the working of these sums from the above link 
asked by Samruddha Somani (samu30) 5 days ago

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Please view my Chemistry prelims paper:
asked by Sai S Kalyan (ved0_ssk_respaper_pongala) 5 days ago
whats the paper pattern for the sciences
asked by Ted Green (tedgreen) 6 days ago

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In geo do we have to do social forestry and agro forestry in detail?
asked by Devanshi Patel (devanshi16) 6 days ago
Computer Applications:
How to find all anagrams of a word ? I have made a program but it has a lot of functions and is very confusing. There must be some easier way. Someone help :D
asked by eeshaan17 8 days ago
anybody here has the link to the super 50 java programs file from exam18???(The already bought one...not the link to go the exam18 website to buy it again...)
asked by Individual (srija_saha) 9 days ago

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Can NAM be called as a third bloc???Give a reason
asked by P.Vignesh (golaanvi) 9 days ago
Hindi: In hindi for three or two marks how much are we expected to write?
Can we write to the point or we have to write a background of what is going on and then reach the point
asked by Extravagance (alyazalea) 9 days ago

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what are the basic assumptions of accounting?
asked by Rupali Zad (tanayaa) 11 days ago
Someone please upload the St Xaviers , Kolkata and La Martiniere for Boys , Kolkata Pre Board papers.
asked by Arka Ghosh (arka_ghosh84) 11 days ago
Guys, how are you all preparing for ICSE?
How do you manage time? Your timetable and how do you focus on your weaknesses?
Any tips for better preparation?
asked by Shubham Patel (idontknow30) 12 days ago

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What is type casting? Does it means explicit type conversion or implicit type conversion?
What is coercion?
asked by Varun Iyer (varun23) 12 days ago

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How i can score 90+ or 95+ in commerce class 12 isc . Recommended books for studing  and further tips plzzzzz......
asked by Piyush Sharma (awsmpiyush) 15 days ago
I have uploaded Icse board model answers 2016 :- geography . Check out :-
asked by Sayan Chakraborty (iwant90) 16 days ago

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Anybody here from St.Xaviers or La martiniere for boys kolkata plzzz send ur rehearsal 2016-17 papers
asked by Ananya (ananya04) 17 days ago
I am not able to find any board exam specimen papers of 2017
where to search for it?
asked by Prv1 (prv1) 17 days ago

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In chemistry,
is there an easy trick to study equations
asked by Thaarini arun (thaaru) 27 days ago
Four cells each of EMF 2 V and internal resistance 0.1 ohm are connected in series. The combination is connected to an ammeter of negligible resistance, a 1.6 ohm resistor and an unknown resistor R1.the current in the circuit is 2 A .find the total resistance in the circuit & total EMF.
asked by Jamio Firdos (throne) 28 days ago

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