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Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), New Delhi
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hey guys...
asked by Roshan Geo Roy (yoboyyy) 44 mins ago
0 Below the logo, 2nd para 1st and 2nd line. It says 18th May 2017, results r going to be declared!
asked by Shivaanee sharma (shivaanee22) 1 hour ago

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when the results and the analysis going to be released.please reply
asked by Armk (sushilamod) 5 hours ago

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give feedback to res
asked by Cbox (cbox) 20 hours ago
Is there any ACTIVE group for bio lovers on res?
asked by Amu Arcade (arcade_7) 1 day ago

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Hii guys how r u all??
asked by Sohan_SR (sohansr) 1 day ago
asked by Jaya (jayapoddar) 1 day ago
2 just check this out , its a mind blowing video (only for science students)
asked by Suyash Singh (suyash_singh) 1 day ago

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asked by Prathamesh Mainkar (psm09) 2 days ago

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Passed the entrance exam in Delhi Public School, Ranchi today. Out of 1500 candidates, 50 are in. It's affiliated to CBSE. It's a top school for plus two in Jharkhand  and also in India . You may check it out here on respaper itself. I  hereby bid adieu to ICSE.
asked by Krishanu Dutta (krishanudutta) 2 days ago

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Isnt it boring here?  people really fake loving this place!!
asked by Lonesome Loser (fool) 2 days ago

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Can someone please tell me what is PACE timing. Also how is pace likeThanks in advance
asked by Ayush Mishra (asysu) 3 days ago
This one was constantly troubling me . The answer of the shaded area one was 42.85. I have written 42.8 as the answer. Will any mark be cut for that ?
asked by Yash Baranwal (yash107) 4 days ago
when will the 10th result be announced?
asked by Navami S (resee) 4 days ago
Hello friends... Specially to Julie... 
Well exams are over(sry for posting it bit lately).
Which board R u all going to join CBSE OR ISC.
AND most importantly .. Which stream r u going to take 
2) Engineering
3) Commerce
Or Arts.

Please reply.. Have a good day.. 
I can predict VEDO RESPAPER DA PONGLA is gonna be the First... I feel...
asked by Funny Funny (funnysimgh) 5 days ago
i actually made a dollar worth of steam money beacuse of you guys thank you!!!
asked by Illuminati (xxskullkingxx) 5 days ago
Meow meow meow
asked by RetardedWeeb (lucifermorningstar) 5 days ago
All the best to the students of Environmental Science!!go give ur best and finish the goddamn exams!!
asked by हालदार साहब (anurag45) 7 days ago

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Hello resmates !!
Catch me on Facebook at
And on Instagram. 
asked by Anurag Jhawar (anurag_gc) 8 days ago
i ve an awesome idea........ but i need support from all u guyz
we can upload screenshots of our icse results to ve a tough race among us, in the icse timeline.
but 4 that we all ve 2 req the admin 2 enable the uploading feature. #best_of_luck
asked by Prince Adwaya (adwaya) 8 days ago
Sorry for this.. but Do you all know when are the results getting published? The council says its in the first week of June but many teachers from our school who have gone for board corrections are saying it would be declared on the 21st of May.. any idea??
asked by Smitha Menon (smitha_menon) 9 days ago
Can someone edit this file to allow me to post it in our ICSE the HTML code of the page
asked by Prathamesh Dhake (oisix) 9 days ago
Guys sorry. I didn't have time to make the video. Family problems. Will make it soon.
Sorry :(
asked by eeshaan17 9 days ago
Hi guyz I am anirudh I shared tiops for some of the exams and couldn't do for some but how many of u promise me that u would share tips to ur juniors or the students in res paper,.......I hope this should be continuing....will it be????
asked by Anirudh (an12370) 9 days ago
Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food?
asked by Live life to the fullest, for the future is scarce. :) (rohandhankhar) 9 days ago

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Gettin bored...ids there anyone Online
asked by ParthSarthi (parthsarthi001) 10 days ago

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Any body having prelims EVS paper ;D please upload it  or any kind of practice paper of EVS??? It will help a lot :)
asked by Imrose Alam (imrose) 10 days ago
If anyone only if anyone is online then plz retain contact with me ......plz ?
asked by Richeek Das (hamba) 10 days ago
Shouldnt we all meet on social media?
asked by Tanay Kamath (tanayk) 10 days ago

+ 1 more questions by tanayk  

Hello beautiful Friends, just wanted to thank each and everyone of you for your kind support and tons of help! Believe me, the help which I've received from you people in the past month (especially for Language and Geography) is more than what I did ever receive from my teachers. Thank you so much!
asked by Anshika J (anmj) 10 days ago
maths paper link?
asked by Navneeth (poopstar) 10 days ago
Hey guys. I'm making a group on Instagram. So if you want to be added comment your ID below :)
asked by ... (tedgreen) 10 days ago
I know u all are enjoying ur freedom but if u have slight time then please ans the all question please.
asked by satwindersingh333 10 days ago
Whose age was more amit or vivek
asked by rayyan12495 10 days ago
Is it ok if we don't write the question number in the graph? But it is a direct continuation after the question.
asked by Venkatesh Doraiswamy D (madhumitha29) 10 days ago
Well Guys lets enjoy the newly acquired freedom, even if its for 1 day!!! enjoy your holidays :D (not meant for science students just like me lol)
asked by Nishant Shah (nishantshahroxx) 10 days ago
Just wanted to clear this out, what if we write (example):- 115.2 instead of writing 115.20? Do they deduct our marks?
asked by SayWhatBbg (eleanor25) 11 days ago
please answer the icse 2017 maths question of section B that plot marking question? what is the name of closed figure and its line of symmetry?
asked by Sunil Agarwal (archit_12345) 11 days ago
When are the results going to be announced?
asked by Saket Singh (saket38) 11 days ago

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Thank you Respaper for all the help in ICSE exam..It was immensely helpful..
asked by Sumana Dutta (sumanadutta) 11 days ago
Yoo peeps. How was the paper??
asked by Té Hijo de puta (heisenberg_11) 11 days ago
All d best buddies...thnx for all ur help
asked by Anirudh Panda (anirudh70) 11 days ago
Let's kill the maths keeda together
asked by Avinab Neogy (anamikaneogy) 11 days ago
Is n/2th term the median of continuous grouped data when n is even ?
asked by Anurag Hooda (akhooda) 11 days ago

+ 2 more questions by akhooda  

a final fare well to everybody feeling sad parting with this, Good Bye you good res paper with this poem
A good farewell does not end with crying 
It's all about a new beginning 
It's all about trying 
A good Farewell is all about a positive light 
When things will be just great and all will be bright 
A good farewell as I am giving you 
May you stay blessed where ever you go 
Just want you to know 
That I will miss you!
asked by vinuthnr 11 days ago
asked by Mohammed Malik Sharaf (mmks1234) 11 days ago
All the best for maths! Be calm and cool! Kill it :D
asked by Ãwe§♥m€ l¥k tHât (aria124) 11 days ago
Thanks for everyone's help and support ..Hope everyone gets 100 in maths and everyone get the result with flying colours.....
asked by Rachit Dani (rachitd1212) 11 days ago
7n2 +2407n -- 61800=0
asked by Anu (babydoll123) 11 days ago
NO ? :"(

asked by Someone (sid_9869) 11 days ago

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