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In chemistry,
is there an easy trick to study equations
asked by Thaarini arun (thaaru) 2 hours ago
what is titration? give an eg too
asked by Prv1 (prv1) 5 hours ago

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In uniform circular question is there any acceleration?
asked by Siddharth Thorat (sid_9869) 1 day ago

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Four cells each of EMF 2 V and internal resistance 0.1 ohm are connected in series. The combination is connected to an ammeter of negligible resistance, a 1.6 ohm resistor and an unknown resistor R1.the current in the circuit is 2 A .find the total resistance in the circuit & total EMF.
asked by Jamio Firdos (throne) 1 day ago
Show that P(3,m-5) is a point of trisection of line segment joining the points A (4,-2) and B(1,4).
Show steps plz
asked by Sohan_SR (sohansr) 1 day ago

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Topic: Physical Education
Why are there limited papers for PE? Do they ask repetitive questions i.e same board questions quite often or they ask questions out of the book mostly?
asked by Extravagance (alyazalea) 1 day ago

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"Cryolite in the molten state of subdivision dissolves Al2O3" from Viraf Dalal pg.144.
Can someone pls explain what this line means???What is the meaning of "molten state of subdivision"?? pls help me!!?
asked by Vratika Moolrajani (vratika_moolrajani) 3 days ago

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If (x/a)=(y/b) , show that [(x^2 +a^2)/(x+a)] + [(y^2+b^2)/(y+b)] = [(x+y)^2 +(a+b)^2]/(x+y) +(a+b)
Copy it in your notebook, question will appear simpler.
This is from ML Aggarwal Maths class 10, chapter 8, example 17.
Process given in book is 'k' method which isn't accepted by ICSE.
So,I want a method which ICSE accepts.
asked by Shubham Patel (idontknow30) 4 days ago

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what is the use of .obj file in java?
asked by Samruddha Somani (samu30) 7 days ago

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Can anybody can explain me the Working of AC generator
asked by Anu (babydoll123) 7 days ago

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Is it necessary to give quotes from the text in english literature(especially in merchant of Venice)?
asked by Richeek Das (hamba) 8 days ago
"Super conductors are a boon or curse for the environment." Comment.
asked by Deblina Bora (booksboozer) 9 days ago

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Pick the odd one out - interkinesis , synapsis , crossing over , chiasma
asked by Individual (srija_saha) 10 days ago

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Revised Time Table for ICSE :
asked by Sdfg Sdfg (sdfg) 11 days ago

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Give a balanced equation for:-
sodium nitrite + ammonium chloride
asked by Tanisha Vats (catercousin10) 12 days ago

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Hey guys... What is correction scheme in ICSE Papers? In Section 2, is it the Best 4 questions or the first 4 questions?
asked by Cyril Reynolds (catalyst1) 12 days ago
All the best bhaiyo aur behno!!!
asked by Sagar Lodha (sagar124) 16 days ago
Hi anybody has universal turorials history and civics notes for ICSE X. PLS SHARE it and also mov scenewise q n a. Thanks
asked by Archanna Vyass (archannaa06) 17 days ago
What is rock outcrop
asked by Chopda (chopda) 17 days ago

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All the best to all the ICSE and isc students for their upcoming exams/....:):)
asked by Vidya47 (vidya47) 17 days ago
A radioactive substance is oxidised . what change would you expect to take place in nature of its radioactivity? Give reason for your answer.
asked by Preetham (preetham21) 19 days ago
Please share 2016 board question papers for Cookery
asked by Ameya Chitre (student30) 22 days ago
the actors age was beginning to tell _________ him
asked by pnma 22 days ago
Write a Java program to accept a word and print and display whether the word is palindrome or only special word using Scanner.
asked by anugrahkapoor24 22 days ago

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Please upload the prelims of Cathedral and John cannon school. Even the earlier ones.
asked by Ayush Das (ayushdas) 22 days ago
she has been corresponding -----the authorities for the last seven days
asked by Savio Bastian (saviobastian) 23 days ago
How string can be implemented?
asked by Chirag Kaushik (ckgm1799) 23 days ago
Hey Guys... What About This year's Prelim Papers...
Willn't Anyone upload this year??
Please Start uploading ...
asked by Soham Chakraborty (soham2612) 25 days ago
A tower subtends an angle alpha at a point on the same level  as the foot of the tower and at a second point h meters above the first point, the depression of the foot of the tower is beta . show that the height of the tower is (h tan alpha cot beta)
asked by Adithya Rajiv (adithya54) 28 days ago
Summary of poem megh aaye
asked by Girjesh Kumar (girjeshkumar311) 29 days ago

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convert binary no into decimal no in java
asked by Ananya (ananya04) 32 days ago

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can we get answers to sample papers?
asked by Vivek Dubey (vivek43) 35 days ago
How can I get PUPIL PERFORMANCE of ICSE CLASS 10 of last 10 years?
asked by Vipul Mittal (vipulmittal87) 40 days ago
Can anyone tell me the cancellations in Partition of Bengal, Lucknow Pact and Independence and Partition Chapters???
asked by Varun Iyer (varun23) 45 days ago

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Can we start by writing about the poet and about the poem in ISC class 12 in BOARD EXAMS
asked by Piyush Sharma (yoperry) 49 days ago

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And upload some practice papers of science please ?
asked by Indrani Adhikari (indraniadhikari12345) 50 days ago

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asked by Saurabh Singh (saurabh_singh0) 51 days ago
what does AAI stands for?
asked by Dibyajyoti Prakash (sandpebbles) 53 days ago
Hey swalipi please can u explain marking scheme for english
asked by Saket Singh (saket38) 53 days ago

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Evaluate without using trigo. Tables..:-
Sin 28°54`/sec 61°6`+ cos61°6`  /cosec 28°54`
asked by Smita B (smitab) 58 days ago
In english lit! are the best five chosen or the initial five??
And in chemistry how to memorize those equations asked in the 1st section?
asked by Gour Garima (garima3) 61 days ago

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