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For ICSE do we hve 2 read all the derivations in physics??
asked by Disha Ghatak (disha95) 44 mins ago

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Who all consult the President in the appointment of the Chief Justic Of India?
asked by Anshika J (anmj) 1 hour ago

+ 17 more questions by anmj Q.8 c ...plz do this question for me...
asked by Jhinuk Bhattacharjee (myself1002) 2 hours ago

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What is a genome??
asked by ViscaBarca!! (anurag45) 3 hours ago

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Could someone please explain what is meant by a parabolic path?
asked by Varna Sajee (varnzkatz) 3 hours ago

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1) Name the structure that acts as a bearer of hereditary units
2)Name the pressure which is responsible for the movement of water molecules across the cortical cells of the root
asked by Deblina Bora (booksboozer) 3 hours ago

+ 1 more questions by booksboozer Q1. b ?
asked by Ted Green (tedgreen) 5 hours ago
Everyone was moved _________ tears by her story
asked by Funny Funny (funnysimgh) 6 hours ago

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Computers-What is the purpose of a constructor........y do we even use a constructor when we can just initialize the values within the method itself......can't understand the concept.......plz explain guys
asked by Pranjali Sharma (pranjali2806) 16 hours ago

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What is the location and function of sclera and retina
asked by iamanonymous 16 hours ago
Choose the odd one out and give the category of the rest:
1. Amnion,  choroin, placenta,  allantois 
2. Optic nerve, spinal nerve,  auditory nerve, olfactory nerve
asked by Nishi Khandelwal (nishi88) 17 hours ago
What is synaptonemal complex?
asked by Extravagance (alyazalea) 18 hours ago

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For all those that wanted the questions from Total Geography:
asked by Vratika Moolrajani (vratika_moolrajani) 19 hours ago
Which vitamin is necessary for blood clotting?
asked by Ansh Thamke (ansh_cr7) 20 hours ago

+ 5 more questions by ansh_cr7 Q.3.f.(ii) What will be the output of the last statement?
asked by Ushosee Das (aria124) 20 hours ago

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Complete the sentence with appropriate word: the reality show on girl-child will be on 
________ Monday.
asked by Arcade (arcade_7) 20 hours ago

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Will the chapters that  have already come for English literature come again his year ??
asked by Rajarshi Ganguly (raj_2301) 21 hours ago
plzz ans my doubts frndzz
1)define jet stream...and state the benefits of mangoshowers and cherry blossoms...
2)what are the benefits of inundation canal over simple canal?
3)why express ways are beneficial??(** is it only becoz they are the six lane ways which can control the traffic well??)
asked by Juniee14 (junie) 1 day ago
Turgor pressure vs Wall pressure differentiate.....
asked by Jai Veer Pratap Atomic no. 83 (jai_veer_pratap) 1 day ago

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Which is better social forestry or agro forestry and why?
asked by Rockin Rutvij (rutvijminati) 1 day ago
Do you take his word ________ mine?
asked by Chirag Kaushik (ckgm1799) 1 day ago

+ 1 more questions by ckgm1799  

Can anyone give the complete summary of India's heroes or from where the complete summary for the 16marks question for this  can be learnt.
asked by Samruddha Somani (samu30) 1 day ago

+ 3 more questions by samu30  

Do we need to know Hoopes process?
asked by Shreya (shreya1300) 1 day ago
Hello! Recently there was confusion regarding Type Casting. 
According to Syllabus Booklet
Type Casting = Type Conversion (and not Explicit Type Casting that is stated in books like APC or Sumita Arora) becuase they have written :
Introduce the concept of type casting. That's it. So it's understood that Type Casting= Type Conversion as per the previous year marking schemes and syllabus booklet too as evidences.
asked by Sdfg Sdfg (sdfg) 1 day ago

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Define plasmolysis.(Text based answer)
asked by Kumari Yamuna (adithyaanil) 1 day ago

+ 2 more questions by adithyaanil  

Guys, is blushing a natural reflex or conditioned reflex?
asked by Silver Lightning (silver_lightning) 2 days ago
Please can anyone upload the exercises of chapters of soil,climate,natural vegetation,water resources and industries(both types) of total geography. Please it would be really helpful please.
asked by Indrani Adhikari (indraniadhikari12345) 2 days ago
many people have inboxed (or i should rather say spammed my inbox asking me to prove my id since i joined ) so i have decided to leave i was only here for the benefit of u guys good luck for the boards!!! 
P.S. the people calling me fake pls see the group created by sdfg sdfg for 2017 and read my responses
asked by Tezan Sahu (sahutezan) 2 days ago

+ 3 more questions by sahutezan  

sahutezan, why don't you put to rest all doubts about your identity by posting on your google+ page that you are on respaper with "sahutezan" ID?  By the way, why not "tezansahu" as the ID (taken by the real guy?!)  See this:
asked by Ash Dhauniwala (ashiqui1234) 2 days ago

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