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Concise phy 12 B 11 pla explain
asked by Xyz (san_ika) 6 mins ago

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please guys I need another favour from you.I have not understood the concept in the question
Q8 a
Its a humble request
asked by Ayush Mishra (asysu) 33 mins ago

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asked by Ronaldo (techtoicsaf) 1 hour ago

+ 3 more questions by techtoicsaf  

is electric bell in scope????
asked by Rita shetty (ritashetty) 1 hour ago
Please answer the following :
1200g of molten lead at its melting point 325 degrees Celsius, is dropped into 600g of water at 10 degrees Celsius. Calculate the final temperature of the mixture. (Specific heat capacity of lead=0.15,water=4.2,and specific latent heat of fusion of lead=30 joule per gram)
asked by Manansh Arora (manansh) 1 hour ago
why is soft iron used to make the armature of electric bell?
asked by Ted Green (tedgreen) 1 hour ago

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CONCISE TB EX(1B) 14 th question how do u answer this?
asked by Akash Ashok (akashskyash007) 2 hours ago

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asked by Idk (dency66) 2 hours ago
1)What is the refractive index of an opaque body?Give reason.
2)On what factors does velocity of wave in a medium depend?
3)State the unit of magnetic field in terms of force experienced by a current carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field.
4)When can an electric charge give rise to a magnetic field?
5)Heat supplied to a substance during its change of state does not cause any rise in temp.Explain.
asked by Tanisha Vats (catercousin10) 3 hours ago

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Is derivations mentioned on page 187 and 188 in concise book imp???
asked by satwindersingh333 3 hours ago

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What is possibility of energy being asked in section A?
asked by Prerak Modia (preee) 3 hours ago

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Will physics specimen paper help us in r exam??? Just asking.
asked by Evan Jason (evanjasonhenry) 3 hours ago

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Gain in torque happens when gear ratio is <1 or >1? 
its given <1 in Selina
asked by Qwerty (qwerty6699) 3 hours ago

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How many of u think that general physics (First 3 chaps) is the toughest part???
asked by Anurag (anurag45) 3 hours ago

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how many finished? i have elecricity light and force
asked by Roshan Geo Roy (yoboyyy) 4 hours ago

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Difference between Red & Violet rays on the basis of frequency, wavelength, which deviates more etc
asked by monal01 4 hours ago
Can someone please upload the  Gear stuff from 2017 edition of Selina Concise Physics so that all of us can agree on a common point wrt the Question in BS Powai paper.
PS: I am the unluckiest here ( I have 2014 edition :( )

asked by Sdfg Sdfg (sdfg) 5 hours ago
Can anyone highlight the characteristics of Jeevanlal from Bahu Ki Vida?
asked by Rekha Kunchala (rekhark) 5 hours ago
could anyone pls send the link of 2012 pupil analysis of physics
asked by L Prusty (lmprusty) 5 hours ago
the gear ratio is greater than one for gain in torque right??
asked by lalli_sekar 5 hours ago
Can free vibrations be practically obtained??
asked by Deblina Bora (booksboozer) 6 hours ago
According to : V = IR
Voltage is directly proportional to Current
But according to: P = VI
Voltage is indirectly proportional to Current
Does it has to do something with the quantity which we want to keep constant.
asked by Anurag Hooda (akhooda) 6 hours ago

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Any difference between the 2016 and 2017 Selina Concise Physics textbooks?
asked by Rohit Sharma (rohitsharma28) 6 hours ago
It is said in the book that solenoid is a cylindrical coil whose diameter should be less than the length? But why?
asked by Anshika J (anmj) 7 hours ago

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200g of ice at 0 degree Celsius converts into water at 0 degree Celsius in one minute when heat is supplied to a constant rate in how much time 200g of water at 0 degree Celsius will change to 20 degree Celsius ?Take specific heat latent of ice = 336j?
asked by Sai Madhan (saimadhan) 7 hours ago

+ 1 more questions by saimadhan  

How is the motion of the body related with momentum?
asked by Shivaanee sharma (shivaanee22) 7 hours ago
In this pulley system, the VR is 5, but some people were arguing that it's 4. Explain how it's 4. (Diagram in comments)
asked by Madhumati Seetharaman (madhums511) 7 hours ago

+ 1 more questions by madhums511  

Kannada students will there be a re exam for us?
asked by Yomama (catlover) 8 hours ago
can anyone pls explain me the concept of demonstration  of electromangnetic induction
asked by Manav Mehta (manavm16) 8 hours ago

+ 1 more questions by manavm16  

If the length of conducting wire is increased to thrice its length, by how much will the resistance of the wire increase by? Is it by 9 times or by 6 times?????
asked by Sathvik Purushotham (sathvikroxxx) 8 hours ago
3 Question2 e)
sorry for trble pls answer it once again
pls put the question in formulae v^2=u^2+2as
asked by Aru.... (aruntimmy10101111) 9 hours ago
What is the CG of a boomerang?
asked by Ansh Thamke (ansh_cr7) 9 hours ago

+ 1 more questions by ansh_cr7  

What is the ans?
asked by Mohammed Malik Sharaf (mmks1234) 10 hours ago
Why do different colours of the visible spectrum have different widths on the screen after dispersion?
asked by 10G (2016_10g) 17 hours ago
Can anyone pls provide me the ans of these questions-1.Explain how the image is affected if a part of a convex lens is covered
2.Energy conversion which takes place during respiration
asked by Disha Ghatak (disha95) 18 hours ago

+ 1 more questions by disha95 Q2a-1
asked by Nishant Shah (nishantshahroxx) 18 hours ago
Who watched Carry's version of the Bahubali trailer? XDXDXD
asked by Snoop Dogg (sarthakkanyal) 20 hours ago
Can someone tell me what to learn from electromagnetism? Please say it precisely.
asked by Sumukh Kulkarni (unstunned) 20 hours ago
by which characteristic of sound we can determine that the bucket is full of water in sound chapter ?!
asked by Gaurav Jaiswal (xdgfasszgfzgd) 21 hours ago
Do we have laws of motion and numericals related to tht in syllabus ???????
asked by Rajarshi Ganguly (raj_2301) 21 hours ago
Can somebody send the solution of the 10th numerical in exercise 8A? (SELINA Concise Physics)
asked by Rishab Batra (rishab710) 21 hours ago

+ 2 more questions by rishab710  

can please someone give a link to the notes of biology if they are there
asked by Mickey (sanyasrivastava) 22 hours ago
Why air particles greater than the wavelength of light  scatters them to the same extent.
asked by Daniel hughes (safi444) 22 hours ago
Questions from calorimetery
1. In case of a pizza, the crest and the sauce are at the same temperature. Biting a hot pizza sauce produces greater burning effect in your mouth as compared to crest. Why is it so?
2. On a hot summer day you remove a chilled water melon and a chilled sandwich from a refrigerator. Which of the two shall remain cool for a longer time?
3. What is regelation?
4. Why is water in earthern pitcher cold?
asked by Rishi (utkarsh3107) 23 hours ago

+ 1 more questions by utkarsh3107  

Why does the sun appear larger during the evening time?
asked by Ushosee Das (aria124) 23 hours ago
A Important question for you all
Write two difference between concavo covex lens and convexo concave lens
asked by SWAGATAM BAZ (icse2017) 1 day ago
An earnest request to all those students who attempted a regional language paper ( Tamil, kannada, bengali etc) :
Can you post the essays and letters that you had received in the question paper in : English or Hindi? It will be beneficial to all Hindi students as a similar topic may come.
Thank you.
asked by eeshaan17 1 day ago

+ 1 more questions by eeshaan17 Q5 a pls..
asked by Suyash Singh (suyash_singh) 1 day ago
whats VR when effort is applied in upward direction
asked by Anshul Sadhale (yolo219) 1 day ago
another trick q
difference between AN MCB and AN ELCB (3)
asked by Illuminati (xxskullkingxx) 1 day ago

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