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ICSE Board Exam 2013 : Technical Drawing Applications

7 pages, 16 questions, 1 questions with responses, 1 total responses
Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), New Delhi
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TECHNICAL DRAWING APPLICATIONS (Three Hours) Ansvters to this paper must be wrifien on lhe paper provided separately. You will not be allowed to draw/write during the.first r 5 minute.c. This time is to be spent in reading the question paper. The time given at the head o.f this paper is time allotued for writing the an,swers. Attempt.five questions in all. You must attempt three questionsfrom Section A and two Section B. Each Section should be answered on a separale paper. All questions must be answered in.futt scale. All construction lines must be shown. All dimensions are in'mm. unless specified otherwise. The intended marksfor questions or parts of questions are given in brackets I J. SECTION A (48 Marks) Aftempt any three questions.from this Section Question I. Construct a PLAI\ SCALE of Representative Fraction : l:37S, long enough to measure 58 metres. Takin-s the measurements from the scale constructed draw an equilateral triangle ABC of side 23 m and another equilateral triangle DEF of side l7 m. Construct geometrically a single trian-ele PQR whose area is equalto the sum of the areas of the two triangles, ABC and DEF. Show the data and the working neatly. ll6l This Paper consists of 7 printed pages and 1 blank page. T13 651 @ Copyright reserved. Turn over

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Question 2.- I the and draw three equal circles inside egular hexagon of side 60 mm hexagonsothateachlircletouche.s.onesideofthehexagonandtwoothercircles (b) circlgs method' Construct an ellipse by tlre.qoncetric Ivlfnor axis = 96 mm' Given : Major axis: 130 mm' u0l Question 3. below' Copy'I-he given ternplate' Refer to Figure 1 grven (Insert anY six dimensions') ' Fisure T13 651 I [16]

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Question 4. Apentagonal prismhasitsaxisparallel tothehorizontal planeandinclined at45otothe vertical plane. one side of the base is parailer to the horizontar prane. Draw the: (a) (b) (c) Fronr View Top View Right Hand Side View Civen: Side of,the base Length of the axis ({Jse the :35 mm : 50 mm Third Angle Method of projection). ll6l Question 5. Draw the oblique view of the orthographic projection given in figure 2 with receding axis inclined at an angle 30. to the horizontal. (Do not insert dimensions). I t6] I RI IS\' Fisure 2 T13 651 Tum Over

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SECTION B (52 Marks) this Section' Answer any two questions from Question 6; (a) Thetopviewandthefrontviewofatruncatedconeisshowninfigure3given below.TheaxisoftheconeisperpendiculartotheHorizontalPlaneand plane is shown in Trace (v'T') of the cutting the vertical Plane. vertical parallel to the figure. Draw the: (i) (iD Front View (iii) t5l Sectional ToP View True shaPe of the section' t3l l6l Given:Radiusofthebase:30mm,Lengthoftheaxisheight:70mm. tJse the First Angle Method of projection' FI/ l I : Fieure e T13 651

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(b) Fgare 4 given below shows the Front View and the Top View of a triangular pyramid in the First Angle Method of projection. Its axis is perpendicular to the Horizontal Plane and parallel to the Vertical Plane. One qide of the base is parallel to the Vertical Plane. The pyramid is cut by a section plane whose Horizontal Trace (H.T-) is shown in the figure. The section plane is 8 mm away from the axis and is parallel to the vertical plane. Draw the: o Top View t2l (ii) Sectional Front View of the part P tsl (iii ) Development of the lateral surface of the part P of the cut pyramid. t5l Given: Side of the base:40 mm, Length of the Use axis: 70 mm. the First Angle Method of projection. Figure 4, T13 6s1 Turn Over

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Question 7. Figure 5 given below shows the isometric view of the machine biock. Draw the isometric projection using isometric scale. (Do not inseft any dimensions). 126l Square of side 2(r T13 651

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Question 8. Figure 6 given below shows the isometric view of a machine block. Draw the: (a) (b) (c) Half Sectional Front View (along section A_B_C) Top View t8l Half Sectional Right Hand Side view (arong Section A-B-c) Use the Third Angle Method of projection. (lnsert any 6 dimensions). Fieure 6 T13 651 tel tel


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