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ICSE Board Exam 2013 : Geography

6 pages, 89 questions, 90 questions with responses, 471 total responses
Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), New Delhi
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GEOGRAPHY H.C.G.-Paper*2 (Two hours) Answers to this Paper must be written on the paper provided separctely. You will not be allowed to write during the first l5 rninutes. This time is to be spent in reading the Etestion pap r. The time gwen at the head of this Paper is the time allowedfor writing the answers. Attempt seven queslions in all. Part I All questions from Part I are to be attempted. A total offive questions are to be attemptedfrorn Part fL is compulsory. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in bracirets I J. To be supplied with this Paper: Survey of India Map Sheet No. 45D/7 and 20 cm of twine. Note: (, In oll Map l{ork, by a wise use of arrows to indicate positions of countries, cities and other insertions that you moke, you will be able to woid overcrowding parts of the map. (ir) The extract of Surttey of India Map Sheet No. 45D/7 must nat be talren out of the examination hall. It must be handed over to the Supervising Examiner on completion of the Paper. (iii) The Map given at the end of this questian paper rnust be fastened ta your answer booHet. (iv) (u) All sub-sections of each question must be answered in the carrect serial order. All working including rough work should be done on the same answer sheet as the rest of the onswer. This Paper consists of 6 printed pages and T13 @ Copyright reserved. 502 tr outline xnap" Turn over

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PART I (30 Marks) Attempt all questions from this Parl Question 1 Study the extract of the Survey of India Map sheet No. 45D/7 and answ'er the following questions: (a) Give the six figure grid reference of: (i) (ii) (b) (i) (ii) (c) (i) Triangulated height 217 A lined well near Chekhla. l2l Name the left bank tributary of the main river. State the direction in which this left bank tributary is flowing. l2l Mention a special feature associated with the streams in grid square 9879. (ii) (d) Name the types of drainage pattern found in grid square 9382. Give the four grid reference of each of the following: (i) Open scrub (ii) Bantawada. (e) (0 tzl Name two relief features that can be seen in grid square 9782 and9574. answer. t2l What is the compass direction of Antroli (9576) and Chekhla (9281) from Sangla? (h) What type t2l of rainfall is experienced extract? Justifu your answer giving one (D Calculate the distance in (i) in the region shown in the reason. l2l What is the geographical name that you would give to the general ? Name one region shown on the map which is unsuitable for the cultivation of Tl3 s02 l2l (978753). pattern of settlements in the region shown on the map (ii) map kilometres along the cart track between Chitrasani (ggg74V) and Pirojpuru 0) t21 Why do you find limited cultivation in the map extract? Give two reasons for your (g) t2) crops. Lzl

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Question 2 On the outline map of India provided: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (0 (g) (h) (i) (j) Mark and name Chennai tu tu Label the river Godavari Shade and label the Chota Nag1rur plateau tlI Shade and name the Gutf of Kachchh tu Mark and name the Indo-Gangetic plains tU Shade and label an areawith Red Soil tll tll Mark and name the winds which bring rain to Mumbai in July and August Mark and name the Satpura Range tu Mark and name the Jharia Coal Field t1l Shade and label the Northern Circar coastal region. tU PART II (50 Marks) Attempt any tive questions from this part Question 3 (a) Name two types of cyclonic systems that affect India and two areas that receiye rainfall from these systems. t2t (b) Give two important characteristics of the South west Monsoon rainfall. (c) Give reasons for the following: (i) t21 when the Malabar coast is receiving heavy rainfall in July, the Tamil Nadu coast is comparatively dry. (ii) (iii) (d) The Northern Plains of India have a continental type of climate. Central Maharashtra receives little rainfall. t3I Study the climatic data given below and answer the questions that follow: Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Temperature 23.1 oc 24.8 26.5 29.3 32 32.8 33.1 32.1 30.s 29.3 28.7 26.1 l0.l 0.3 0.1 1.3 4.5 6.1 10.2 l0.s 20.t 16.8 19.0 Rainfall cm (i) (ii) (iii) Tt3 502 15.3 Calculate the annual rainfall experienced by the station. Suggest a name of this station, giving a reason for your answer. Name the season during which the rainfall is heaviest. t3l Tum over

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Questiom 4 (a) Differe*tiate between Transported exarnple for eaeh" (b) Skre (c) r:pyo witrt rr., (ii) (iii) and, In siu so*,quoting a suitabre t3l diff.erenees hetween )ffi:1],oto"** (d) so, Bhangar andKhadar. irv w'hich L*terite so* isformed. t21 Mention one disadvantage refbrenee io Recr soirsin India, answer the forowing questions: t\ame f},r,{) states vyhere it is found. State rwo advantages of this type of soil. Mention rr..r,o important crops grown in this soil. 121 t3l Question S (a) (b) Mention tw* ri*irtcharacteristics of Tropicar Rain Forests. ldr;rne ttre tree, the rinrber of,wriich courd be used for the forowing: (i) A saft and white timber used for making toys and match boxes. durable timber used for ship building and furniture making. .(],,j, eet srnelling timber which yields an oil, used for making handierafts. I2j :Y (c) (i) {U {2} {ii} (d) t3l Name one regionin India for each of the forowing: l.iiJa! fcresrs. Thorn anet Scrub. Exprain i.thy T}iorn and Scrub forests are found ment!crned region. E*efiy expiain fi'rio reasons in the above for forests being an important naturar resource. Question 6 (a) (b) h{ame rpCI states in which tube wells are extensively used. Give a reason to explain its intpcrtenco as a source of irrigation. Give hao .--'ift rsas$ns why rvater scareity.occurs in India. l am* fi'o s?,ates where perenniar oanars are widery used. Brief!3, exprafn n4ro reasons for perenniar canars being a popurar form ef iri,?aiion in the named states. (e) {i} {ii} ma' ._ *"' t3l 121 t2t t21 r?1 LJ .I Tr3 5#2

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(d) (i) (ii) Name firyo methods of water han'esting in India- Mention any two objectives of rain Eater han'esting. Question 7 (a) (b) Name the ore of aluminium. Describe two main uses of 13I aluminium. 12) Name any two industrial products for which limestone is used as a source of l2l raw material. (c) (i) (ii) Name fwo industries that use a high quantity of coal. Name one important area that has large coal deposits in the states of t3I Jharkhand and West Bengal. (d) (i) (ii) Which state is the largest producer of mineral oil? Name t!ryo coastal and two inland oil-refineries in India. t3l Qrestion 8 (s) Distinguish between Intensive commercial farming and Extensive commercial t2t -tarming. (b) llldl (i) (ii) (c) (D (ii) reference to rice cultivation, answer the following: \stne n+o leading states in the production of rice. Gir-e nro advantages of growing rice in nurseries. t21 Nsne two states where coffee plantations are found. What conditions of soil and climate are favourable for the cultivation I3l ofcoffee? (d) Explain in brief the following: (i) (ii) (iii) Retting. Ginning. t3l Broadcasting. Question 9 (a) Name any two large sugar producing states, one each in north and south India. (b) Name an agro-based industry based in the following industrial centres: (D (iD Tl3 t21 502 Ahmedabad l2l Mysore. Turn over

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State (c) for the growth of the jute three favourable conditions responsible industry in West Bengal' for the following: Give geographical reasons in lndia' (D The woollen industry is a localized industry hours of harvesting' (ii) It is necessary to crush sugar cane within 24 (d) (iii) Sericulture flourished in Karnataka' t3l t3l Question 10 (a)(i)WhatisthesignificanceoftheElectronicslndustryinrecenttimes? Software Companies' Name rwo cities that have leading u'ere set up with Russian collaboration' Name the steel plants that of iron and there is a large concentration Explain three reasoHs as to why Region' steel plants in the Chhota Nagpur (ii) (b) (c) (d) Why is Give one disadvantage of air transport' it still a PoPular means of transportation in [ndia? (i)Givetworeasonswhypeninsularriversarenotidealfornavigation. hit by cyclones during the east coast which is often (ii) (d) Name a port on (i) November' the months of October and treatment of gaseous waste' State the main objective of the (ii) (c) t3l t3l Question 11 (b) Lzl ? following centres noted for What industrial product are the (i) Gurgaon (ii) Perambur (iii) Chittaranjan (a) 12) Nametwocommondiseasescausedasaresultofgaseouspollution. 121 t3l t1l tll What, was the cause of the following? (i) The BhoPal TragedY' (ii) The Minamata Disease (iii) The ChernobYl Disaster' T13 502 t t3l


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