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Plz tell me the leading producer of limestone,coal, bauxite, petroleum, manganese 😃😃
asked by Anu (babydoll123) 7 days ago
which jurisdiction will give the high court the authority to hear cases regarding admirability and contempt o f court?is it original jurisdiction??plz hlp me friends.
asked by Be Genius (junie) 9 days ago

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a man is observing the sun at angle of 30.another man on the same side is observing the sun at an angle of 45.the shadow of the sun falls on the ground at an height of 10 m..find the distance between the 2 men and the shadow of the the working with diagram
asked by Arun Lakshman (arunicse) 44 days ago

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Also, Can someone explain me about Rome-Berlin Tokyo Axis in History?
Chapter- World War 2
asked by Ishika Pola (ishikapola) 49 days ago

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Which hindi question paper books do u use for practice for 217 as it is new syllabus
asked by Ananya (sweet71) 121 days ago

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In topography how do we recognise the left bank and right bank??
asked by Meher Hashim (cool1341) 131 days ago
plz send first term question paper biology and history
asked by Neelam Agarwal (neelam92) 153 days ago
Uddeshya of 2 kalakaar? Can somebody please post the picture from their guide? Please??
asked by Sdfg Sdfg (sdfg) 165 days ago

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In 45 d /7 map, what is the length of Sipu river from 8292 to 8191?
asked by Indrani Adhikari (indu12345) 193 days ago

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In President chapter what all do we have to learn in the emergencies?
asked by Varun Iyer (varun23) 225 days ago

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