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Q & A

Question of Math . Q.9 (a) Is the answer of ( i ) 146.40 m answer of ( ii ) 546.40 m ?? P.S -- Didnt find it on Google ! ; )Answer
asked by Siddharth Thorat 1 day ago
X^2+[(a/a+b)+((a+b)/a)] X+ 1=0 Solve the quadratic equation ..... Show steps plz....Answer
asked by Sohan_SR 1 day ago
Plz tell me the leading producer of limestone,coal, bauxite, petroleum, manganese 😃😃Answer
asked by Anu 11 days ago
which jurisdiction will give the high court the authority to hear cases regarding admirability and contempt o f court?is it original jurisdiction??plz hlp me friends.Answer
asked by Be Genius 12 days ago
Friends is DDA included in our comp app syllabus?Answer
asked by Be Genius 38 days ago

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