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ICSE Class IX Prelims 2020 : Computer Applications (Daffodils Concept School (DCS), Sindhanur, Raichur)

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Srinivas Siva
Daffodils Concept School (DCS), Sindhanur, Raichur
x AND puc M Tech(CS)
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DAFFODILS CONCEPT SCHOOL ICSE Dec 19,2019 Class: IX Preparatory Examinations-I-2019-20 Sub: Computer Applications SECTION-A (Attempt all Questions) Time: 2hr Max. Marks: 100 Question 1: 1. What is the use of new operator? Give one example where new operator is used in java. [2] 2. What are escape sequences? List the known sequences with their functions. [2] 3. Write the size of the following integer data types both in terms of bytes and bits. [2] (a) int (b) short (c) long (d) byte 4. (a) Which package has defined the class system. (b) Write different types of comments with examples. [2] 5. (a) The return type of the following functions: (i) Math.sqrt (ii) Math.round (b) Create an object cricket of class sports. [2] Question 2: 1. What is the difference between switch and if-else statement? [2] 2. State the difference between: (i) = and == (ii) / and % [2] 3. Write one similarity and one difference between (i) for and while loop (ii) while and do while. [2] 4. What is token? Explain any two types of tokens with an example. [2] 5. What do you mean by precedence of operators? Arrange the following operators given below in order of higher precedence to lower precedence: (i) && (ii) % (iii) <= (iv) ++ [2] Question 3: 2( + )2 Write Java expression for (a) 2. (i) If a =5 and b=9; calculate the value of a+=a++ - ++b+a++%b++. (ii) What is the value of m after evaluating the following expression: m =9%++n+ ++n/2 When int m=10 ,n=6. Write the values stored in x and y if the following fragment code is executed. double a= 6.05; double b=14.74,c=18.3 double x=Math.abs(Math.ceil(a)); double y=Math.floor(Math.max( Math.ceil(b),Math.round(c)); What will be the out put of the following: int m=2,n=15; for(int i=1; i<5;i++); { m++; --n; } System.out.println( m= +m); System.out.println(n= +n); Find the output of the following segments, when (a) val=600 (b) val=1600 int val,sum,n=550; sum=n+val>1750?400:200 System.out.println(sum) Rewrite the following code segment in for loop. int y=55; while (y>0){ x=y%10; s=s+(x*10); y=y/10;} 3. 4. 5. 6. 2 (b) = ( + + ) 1. 2 3 [2] [2] [2] [2] [2] [2]

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