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ICSE Class X Prelims 2023 : Home Science (Royal Academy, West Medinipur) : Pre-Board

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Satyam Dey
Vidyasagar Shishu Niketan (VSN), West Medinipur
XI-XII Commerce
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Boyal Arademy Mock Test Class Subjeet Home Science Session: 2022 2023 Time: 2 Hrs. Full Marks: 100 Section -A [Artempt all questions from this section] Question 1 Choose the correet answers to the questions from the given options : A. The kitchen ceiling should be: i)Patterned ii) Simpie and neat ii) Dark iv) Black B i) Area rug ii) Wall to wall iv) Smalle rug C. i) Wisdom teeth arise Early childhood i) Middle age iv) Babyhood ii) Dysgraphia iv) ADHD carpetis difficult to clean ii) Scatter rug during ii) Adolescence D. Writing disability is called Dyslenia ii) Dyscalculia i) E. The symptoms of learning disability are diagnosed between grade i) increases in the school. to 6 F. Vitamin ii) 2 to 3 ii) 1 to 3 ii) C A G. It helps to regulate body temperature i) Fibre ii) Vitamin H. It i) Calcium i) 2 J. i) The fruit not to be stored in K. iv) I to 2 protect against night blindness. i)B i) when writing iv) K ii) Oxygen iv) Water ii) Iron iv) Fibre prevents osteoporosis ii) Vit B Breakfast should be eaten within ii) 5 Strawberry hours of waking ii) 4 refrigeratoris ii) Mango This is the most suited fibre for summer Woollen ii) Cotton L. Perishable foods i) 4 to 5 can be iv)6 kept at room ii) 8 to 10 temperature ii) Guava iv) Banana ii) Synthetic iv) Jute for ii) I to 2 days. iv) 12 to 14 M. Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana Launched in the year of,i) 2014 O. It is a protein fibre - i) Cotton ii) 2015 ii) 2016 iv) 2017 ii)Silk ii) Nylon iv) Rayon

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