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Class 10 CBSE Pre Board 2018 : Geography (SDA Higher Secondary School, Maninagar, Ahmedabad)

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Sandeep Patankar
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GEOGRAPHY FULL COURSE TEST CHAP.1-2-3-4-5-6 Section A Attempt all the questions 1.Calculate the time when it is 3am on Monday at Delhi(77E) what will be time in Newyork(120 W) 5 marks 2.What will be the time at 90W long. when the time at time at 10E long. is 8 am 3. Explain with a suitable diagram why days and nights are unequal in each hemisphere 5 marks 10 marks 4. Mention on world map following plateaus and mountains 1)Mongolian plateau 2) Iranian plateau 3)East African plateau 4)Brazilian highlands 5)Tibet plateau 6) Labrador 7)Canadian shield 8) Great Dividing range 9) Andes 10) Rocky Mountains 10 marks Section B Attempt any five questions from the following each question is of 10 marks 10x5 = 50 marks. 1. A. State the five evidences for the spherical shape of the earth. 4marks B. Why is earth called a unique planet ? 2marks C. Why time of sunrise and sunset is not same everywhere ? 2marks D. What is the difference between eco system and bio sphere ? 2marks 2. A. Describe how the latitude of a place can be fixed ? 4marks B. What is meant by meridian ? 2marks C. Why does international date line does not follow the 180 deg. and deviate in many places 2marks D. Difference between parallels of latitudes and meridians of longitude ? 2marks 3. A. Explain the effects of earth s revolution ? 4marks B. What is the circle of illumination ? 2marks C. Day and nights are not equal across the world . Give reason 2marks D. Difference between rotation and revolution 2marks 4. A. Mention 2 features each of mantle, core and crust . 4marks B. What is lithosphere ? 2marks C. Why is lithosphere important to human being . Give reason 2marks D. Difference between Sial and Sima 2marks 5. A. Explain the formation of Himalayas 4marks B. What is a mountain ? 2marks C. Hills of Nilgiris are lowered down . Give reason 2marks D. Difference between a plain and plateau 2marks 6. A. Discuss the economic significance of rocks . 4marks B. What is a rock cycle ? 2marks C. Metamorphic rocks are considered good for use as building stone . Give reason 2marks D. Difference Mechanically formed and chemically formed sedimentary rocks 2marks 7. A. Explain the major effect of earth s rotation 4marks B. What is a coriolis effect ? 2marks C. What is an ore ? 2marks D. Difference between December Solstice and June solstice 2marks HISTORY FULL COURSE HIST 1-2-3-4 CIVICS 1-2-3 Section A Short questions 80 MARKS

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