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Reviews: Pratt Memorial School, Kolkata

168, Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose Road, Maula Ali, Beniapukur, Calcutta / Kolkata - 700 014, W.B., West Bengal, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Pratt Memorial School, Kolkata

Shreya Tibrewal (shreyatibrewal) 3 years ago
"The school academics and studies are quite good.. It has always provided its students with the best of information and increased their potential in the co-curricular activities... The teachers are quite supportive.. My favorite teacher at this point of time is Mrs. Tanima Bose.. Our geography teacher... She gives the exact information and directs us so that we can achieve our goals easily.. Rather all teachers are great in their own aspects...❤ Love my school and I'm proud to be a "PRATTLER".. ❤❤🙂🙂"
Azmina (azmina) 3 years ago
Shadaan Shahid (shadaanshahid) 3 years ago
Piali Karmakar (reading) 4 years ago
Rachana Baid (nandinibaid) 4 years ago
Pratik Banerjee (prapti2020) 4 years ago
Ila Tiwari (ilatiwari) 4 years ago
Shivam Thakur (shagunthakur10) 4 years ago
Sandip Bandyopadhyay (sandipban) 4 years ago
Priya Agarwal (priya0705) 5 years ago
Pritistha Sarkar (pritistha) 5 years ago
Sirat Thind (siratthind) 5 years ago
"Pratt memorial is a renown school with some of the best faculties in the whole of kolkata."
Uttaran Das (uttarandas_2) 5 years ago
Kuhuhalder (kuhuhalder) 5 years ago
Arunika Dasgupta (princess_arunika) 5 years ago
"PMS is a home outside home! The school premises, the teachers, the facilities are so welcoming!! I love my school....."
Shalini Ghosh (bongchic007) 5 years ago
Sresthaa Mukherjee (sresadi) 5 years ago
Purple27901 (codywalker) 6 years ago
Mona Lisa (charlesxavier27) 6 years ago
Avrora Florestina (anweshak) 6 years ago
"heritage central Calcutta school Favourite teacher is our class teacher who teaches English- v, dedicated"
Saswati Banerjee (saswatib) 6 years ago

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