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Reviews: St. Thomas Residential School, Thiruvananthapuram

St. Thomas Nagar, Mukkolakkal, Trivandrum / Thiruvananthapuram - 695044, Kerala, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed St. Thomas Residential School, Thiruvananthapuram

Reshma Sam (reshma_sam101) 51 days ago
Vijay Lal (reaper007) 219 days ago
Asok Kumar (adarshal) 219 days ago
Bini Sibi (cristel) 223 days ago
Logon's World (nauzzin) 239 days ago
Hrishikesh Murukesh (hrishikesh92) 247 days ago
Siva Sankar.S (marksaboveninenine) 265 days ago
Hola (hola221) 276 days ago
Rathan (rathan2001) 319 days ago
Siva Sankar (sivasankar7) 340 days ago
"everything necessary and important can be found there"
Meghna Siv K (meghna14) 1 year ago
Meghna Siv K (meghna14) 1 year ago
Theresa James (vaisha23) 2 years ago
Noel Jacob (georgeunni) 2 years ago
Roshan Geo Roy (yoboyyy) 2 years ago
Rohin Mathew (rohinthegreat) 2 years ago
Prayag Krishna (prayag73) 2 years ago
Ash Ga (123ash123) 2 years ago
Vyshnavi P (naviosa) 2 years ago
Malavika Deepu (santhomitemd) 2 years ago
Abhishek Pradeep (yolo123888) 2 years ago
Abhay Ranjith (abhayranjith) 2 years ago
Aparna Ajith (aparna007) 2 years ago
Nandita Satish (smelly_cat01_) 2 years ago
"St. Thomas Residential is a beautiful school containing top-notch faculty and provides lots of extracurricular activities as well. I love it."
Shanif Sainudeen Muhammed (smshanif) 3 years ago
Hitesh Nair (hyperhitesh) 3 years ago
"The best a man can get :D"
Anu krishna (anukrishna) 3 years ago
"good , eng tr is good"
Samiksa Makeshkumar (makesh69) 3 years ago
Ananth Narayan 😎 (freaknarayan) 3 years ago
"PwOlI SckUL "
Aiswarya Anil Nair (aiswarya2000) 3 years ago
A B (rohanrrajmohan12345) 3 years ago
Gokul Krishnan (gookle123) 3 years ago

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