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Reviews: St. Thomas Residential School, Thiruvananthapuram

St. Thomas Nagar, Mukkolakkal, Trivandrum / Thiruvananthapuram - 695044, Kerala, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed St. Thomas Residential School, Thiruvananthapuram

m.S S (exam202050) 1 day ago
Reshma Sam (reshma_sam101) 272 days ago
Vijay Lal (reaper007) 1 year ago
Asok Kumar (adarshal) 1 year ago
Bini Sibi (cristel) 1 year ago
Logon's World (nauzzin) 1 year ago
Hrishikesh Murukesh (hrishikesh92) 1 year ago
Siva Sankar.S (marksaboveninenine) 1 year ago
Hola (hola221) 1 year ago
Rathan (rathan2001) 1 year ago
Siva Sankar (sivasankar7) 1 year ago
"everything necessary and important can be found there"
Meghna Siv K (meghna14) 2 years ago
Meghna Siv K (meghna14) 2 years ago
Theresa James (vaisha23) 2 years ago
Noel Jacob (georgeunni) 2 years ago
Roshan Geo Roy (yoboyyy) 3 years ago
Rohin Mathew (rohinthegreat) 3 years ago
Prayag Krishna (prayag73) 3 years ago
Ash Ga (123ash123) 3 years ago
Vyshnavi P (naviosa) 3 years ago
Malavika Deepu (santhomitemd) 3 years ago
Abhishek Pradeep (yolo123888) 3 years ago
Abhay Ranjith (abhayranjith) 3 years ago
Aparna Ajith (aparna007) 3 years ago
Nandita Satish (smelly_cat01_) 3 years ago
"St. Thomas Residential is a beautiful school containing top-notch faculty and provides lots of extracurricular activities as well. I love it."
Shanif Sainudeen Muhammed (smshanif) 3 years ago
Hitesh Nair (hyperhitesh) 4 years ago
"The best a man can get :D"
Anu krishna (anukrishna) 4 years ago
"good , eng tr is good"
Samiksa Makeshkumar (makesh69) 4 years ago
Ananth Narayan 😎 (freaknarayan) 4 years ago
"PwOlI SckUL "
Aiswarya Anil Nair (aiswarya2000) 4 years ago
A B (rohanrrajmohan12345) 4 years ago
Gokul Krishnan (gookle123) 4 years ago

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