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Reviews: Seventh-Day Adventist Higher Secondary School (SDA), Maninagar, Ahmedabad

Seventh Day Adventist (S. D. A.) Higher Secondary School, 132 Ft. Ring Road, Haripura, Maninagar East, Ahmedabad - 380008, Gujarat, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Seventh-Day Adventist Higher Secondary School (SDA), Maninagar, Ahmedabad

Pandey Jay Kumar (jaydi123) 1 year ago
"Awesome 😊"
07 Shivananda Jena Xth L (shivanandajena2005) 1 year ago
Rakhi Pangoria (manashvi) 1 year ago
Kavya Savla (kavyasavla18) 2 years ago
Nisarg Bhavsar (nisarg71) 2 years ago
"Worst School"
Ranjith Kumar (kavya_0790) 2 years ago
Pancholi Yash (yash_12315) 2 years ago
"best explaination "
Rahul Pangoria (rahulpangoria) 2 years ago
Geeta Gajjar (het372003) 2 years ago
Manisha Thakkar (darshman) 2 years ago
music Lovers (vishakhajain) 3 years ago
"Good facilities and well experienced teachers "
Milan Murli Patel (milanmurli) 3 years ago
Avinash Parugond (avi15_) 3 years ago
"Very bad. Most of the teachers are not so good but some teachers teaches excellent and for them i gave 2 stars "
Rajesh Agrawal (agrawal_yash_rajesh) 3 years ago
Rajesh Agrawal (agrawal_yash_rajesh) 3 years ago
Kartik Jaju (mohitlal) 3 years ago
Rajesh Agrawal (agrawal_yash_rajesh) 3 years ago
Dev Parikh (devparikh) 3 years ago
Rushabh Solanki (rushabh289) 4 years ago
Sejal Shah (champion111) 4 years ago
Jayshil Patel (justchill055) 4 years ago
Sushma Mehta (sangini) 4 years ago
Vaishnavi Pattan (vaishnavi_pattan) 4 years ago
Amarendra Pandey (akp9103) 4 years ago
Pateldev Pateldev (deva933) 4 years ago
Parth Patel (dm027) 4 years ago
"Best of best"
Gargie Vyas (metgala) 5 years ago
"Seventh day adventist school is a missionary school. It has world wide branches and is a school with excellent teaching staff and great principal.with good managment and facilites "
Roy Ankush (ankush66) 5 years ago
Kanubhai Patel (purvesh34) 5 years ago
Soni Sarthak (sonix_calisthenics) 5 years ago
"Sda is the best school with best faculty.. And lots of activities are held...."
Kalpit Patil (imkv11) 5 years ago
Kalpit Patil (imkpatil) 5 years ago
Ishan Singh (ishansingh) 5 years ago
Mayank Banthia (mayank00785) 5 years ago
"Amazing teaching "
Parth Shah (parth102001) 5 years ago
Deepanshu Agarwal (deepanshu221099) 5 years ago
Harsh Kevadiya (harsh3482) 5 years ago
Allon Chauhan (allon9638) 5 years ago
"nice school"
Drashti gajjar (drashti2340) 5 years ago
"it helps a lot to take references from the papers of other schools"
Nishit Patil (nishit1717) 5 years ago
"Awesome teaching style"
Pratik Rathaur (pratik007789) 5 years ago
"Faculties doing good enough!!!!!!!"
Vinay Ramrakhiya (sdavinay) 5 years ago
Hitanshi Patel (vinnie2640) 6 years ago
"everything abt us is awesome!!!!!"
Mark Macwan (poolboy9) 6 years ago
"This school is the best."
Radha Siva (ashishadarsh) 6 years ago
"Chandrakantha Ma'm"
Harshil shah (shahharshil) 6 years ago
Aarshil Patel (booster007) 6 years ago
Prateek Jain (prateekjain) 6 years ago
"Bakwas school sapne mein bhi isme admission mat lena "

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