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Reviews: Gospel Home School (GHS), Rishra

21A/1 Satya Charan Sastri Street, Rishra, Hooghly - 712248, W.B., West Bengal, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Gospel Home School (GHS), Rishra

Ella Chakrabarty (elachakrabarty) 1 year ago
"The best school in Hooghly "
Amit Jain (amit_jain_1928) 1 year ago
Shubham Saha (shubhamshahdeb) 1 year ago
Shubham Saha (shahdeb) 1 year ago
Ashok kumar shaw (ananyakumarishaw) 1 year ago
Subham Soni (subhamsoni) 1 year ago
Soham Maitra (somerandomguy) 2 years ago
Anwesha Das (anweshadas71) 2 years ago
Dilip Bhowmik (rnkbhk) 3 years ago
Rithwik Mahinta (rithwikmahinta) 3 years ago
Argharaj Ghosh (imargharaj) 3 years ago
"You have great teachers who prepare you for life"
Daniel Smith (rishav412002) 3 years ago
"Best school."
Tanmoy Dutta (tanmoy_dutta) 3 years ago
"Good school, very good teachers"
Anwesha Das (anweshadas41) 3 years ago
Anushka Chakraborty (anushka1611) 3 years ago
"Our school is one of the most famous in our area(as people say)......teaching is done with utmost care .....a strong bond grows between students and teachers....facilities are at par...+2 standards expected to develop in 4yrs..."
Debarghya Sarkar (learner05) 3 years ago
Somosree Das (somosreesohini) 3 years ago
Sohini Das (piupapridas) 3 years ago
Sunita Das (diyadas) 3 years ago
Aritro Roy Mitra (aritro007) 4 years ago
Anushka Jaiswal (anushkahiibye) 4 years ago

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