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Reviews: St. Jude's High School (SJHS), Madhyamgram, Kolkata

Plot No. 160, Gate No. 1, Basunagar, Madhyamgram, Kolkata - 700129, W.B., West Bengal, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed St. Jude's High School (SJHS), Madhyamgram, Kolkata

Samit Sen (samitsen) 1 year ago
Joyita Nandy (shreyan10) 2 years ago
"Fine school with great facilities and some guiding teachers"
Ishika Das (ishikadas2003) 2 years ago
Spandy Gaming (spandansaha) 2 years ago
Spandy Gaming (spandansaha) 2 years ago
Riya Barma (riya52516) 2 years ago
"im am class 10 student satisfied with this school but I would like to say that this school will never motivate you for any extra caricular activities also some teacher are very partial.."
Durga Pujo Bisarjan Ghosh Bari (specimenpaperclass9solved2019) 2 years ago
Mousumi Sharma (soniasonia9) 2 years ago
Rajdeep Paul (rajdeep108) 2 years ago
Deasini Majumder (deasini) 3 years ago
Krishanu Banerjee (krishanu_banerjee) 3 years ago
"The teachers are very bad. I will advise all no to take admission in this school otherwise your child's future will be in danger"
Shamie Dasgupta (happygoluckygirl) 3 years ago
That's Me (prastab) 3 years ago
Chanchal Mandal (arpan0001) 3 years ago
"Best School in Madhyamgram"
Edward Kenway (idealbapi9972) 3 years ago
"q great school"
Vicky Bhattacharya (vickyb) 4 years ago
Pranab Debnath (xion) 4 years ago
"Nice academic area."
Akash Bose (sunny28) 4 years ago
Roy Anirban (anirban69) 4 years ago
Renata Ghosh (renataghosh25) 5 years ago
Rajdip Chakraborty (rajdipicse18) 5 years ago
Tamal Sarkar (tamal2538) 5 years ago
Amartya Chakraborty (amartya18) 5 years ago
Rita Samadder (maneesh12345) 5 years ago
Debargha Sarker (sarkerdebargha) 5 years ago
D chakraborty (dev2015) 5 years ago
Labani Sarkar (indra82) 6 years ago

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