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Reviews: Billabong High International School (BHIS), Bhopal

Beyond Bhadbhada, Neelbad, Bhopal - 462044, M.P., Madhya Pradesh, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Billabong High International School (BHIS), Bhopal

Areeb Siddiqui (blehblooh) 2 years ago
Jaydeep Sharma (jaydeepsharma) 3 years ago
Simran Kaur (bobby984) 3 years ago
Sanjana Navlani (9977997648) 3 years ago
Aarya shrivastav (aaryaz24) 4 years ago
Poojita Pss (poojita777) 4 years ago
Parth Sanjay Agrawal (psagrawal67) 4 years ago
Anmol Sahu (coolrock231) 5 years ago
kismatpunjabi25 5 years ago
"Billabong is the best school for every child . "
Manas Mamtani (manasmamtani) 5 years ago
Dolly Sharma (arpit112p) 5 years ago
Heena Punjabi (kismatpunjabi) 5 years ago
"Billabong is a place where a child is developed fully. A place where he/she can find his world and happiness. I love Billabong and Billabong Family."
Mohit Aswani (mohit9642) 5 years ago
Emiya Kiritsugu (emiya_kiritsugu) 5 years ago
Pihu Patidar (pihupatidar2001) 6 years ago
Anshika Gehani (anshika_gehani) 6 years ago
"One of the most amazing schools with fantastic teachers and lovely environment"
Jaideep Chawla (jdchawla) 6 years ago
Karan Tomar (cooldude25) 6 years ago
Gurwin Singh Sahni (killerlegend13) 6 years ago
ANubhav Verma (topper7) 6 years ago
Anviti Gujre (anviti) 6 years ago
Shrishti Sharma (shrishti29) 6 years ago
Sameer Khan (sameer34) 6 years ago
"excellent school"
Yuvraj Maroo (yuvrajmaroo) 6 years ago
lucky37 6 years ago

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