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Reviews: Billabong High International School (BHIS), Thane

Main Road No. 27, Wagle Industrial Estate, Ashar Estate, Shreenagar, Thane West - 400604, Maharashtra, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Billabong High International School (BHIS), Thane

Anvesha Verma (ni_fe2) 74 days ago
Kritika Patil (kritika38) 121 days ago
"Since 14 years I am studying in the same school.In that school they not only teach us theory but also teach practical knowledge.The staff is wonderful,all staff members stand by our side in a fraction of second.The best school have ever been tooo"
Vedant Shukla (vedant810) 123 days ago
Alifiya Morkas (babyhozefa) 162 days ago
"Ok ok satudies"
GØDicy (ishaan23) 164 days ago
Sanjeet Kumar Jha (twister87) 306 days ago
Moksh Vora (mokshvora) 349 days ago
"it has all facilities like educomp, air conditioner,etc my favroite teacher is neeta mam who teaches me hindi,"
The World Of S.K. (shreyaskumar546) 1 year ago
"very nice teachers and it is a fun place to be "
Swapna Mitra (swapnamitra) 1 year ago
"My school having ICSE and IGCSE curriculum with introducing IB this year. Its actually a single destination to multiple curriculum and can be selected as per the child's ability and prior knowledge and understanding."
BizWay Gaming (shibads) 1 year ago
Aryan Jani (aryan_jani) 1 year ago
Vruddhi Korgaonkar (vkorgaonkarmilu) 1 year ago
Fire Viber (akshith99) 1 year ago
Malhaar Shetty (malhaar2506) 1 year ago
Shanta Telang (shantatelang) 1 year ago
A Bhatt (ablungablun) 1 year ago
Nidhi Sanghai (touchthesky) 1 year ago
Sandeep Patil (arjun7946) 1 year ago
Ashish Ghosh (ashish2373) 2 years ago
Viren Keswani (viren80) 2 years ago
Saee phadnis (saee24) 2 years ago
Sahil Chordia (sahil27) 2 years ago
Aditya Iyer (adityaiyer1107) 2 years ago
Shaurya Saxena (lh44) 2 years ago
Vanshika Dhawan (vanshika_dhawan) 2 years ago
Kevin Peter (nightfuryyt) 2 years ago
Mindless Nigas (mindlessnigas) 3 years ago
Vishal Raina (rainavishal) 3 years ago
Srishti More (sri10) 3 years ago
Ash_ BTS (ashleydesai24) 3 years ago
Kritvi Raja (kritviraja) 3 years ago
Tanishq Sardar (tan2002) 3 years ago
"cool school is to good for education and sports. specially our principal mam. "
Krishnesh Neema (krish60) 3 years ago
Krishnesh Neema (nemoseth123) 3 years ago
Sarthak Srivastava (sarthak2378) 4 years ago
Kevin Peter (nightfury232) 4 years ago
Amogh Kamble (amogh375) 4 years ago
Devanshi Savla (monstermanik) 4 years ago
Srinitya (sri3012) 4 years ago
Jhanvi Kothari (jhanvikothari) 4 years ago
Aaditya Sharma (ascc008) 4 years ago
prezident P (yoloniggalord234) 4 years ago
Pareen Shah (vansh2003) 4 years ago
Karan Walia (karan_walia_007) 4 years ago
Nischal Naidu (nischal25) 4 years ago

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