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Reviews: Excel Central School (ECS), Thiruvattar, Kanyakumari

17/190 A, Awai Farm Lane, Thiruvattar, Dist. Kanyakumari - 629177, Tamil Nadu, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Excel Central School (ECS), Thiruvattar, Kanyakumari

Kishore P (kishorep) 147 days ago
"Excel central School, our school is famous for its educational techniques, our school makes the students pratically and theoretically understand the concept"
Gift of god DIY (kitty373) 260 days ago
Athith Sesha (athith_sesha_2002) 1 year ago
vishnu shankar J.R (vishnusjr) 1 year ago
Pranav L Sharma (pranav_l_sharma240) 1 year ago
Sreeram K.L (loled) 1 year ago
Aishwarya S.A (aishwarya2002) 1 year ago
Kannan Vava (sharath21) 2 years ago
"It is a icse school with lots of feature but not using it in a proper way"
Kailaash Jeevan (kailaash80) 2 years ago
Jeff Anson (pixelberry420) 2 years ago
"Located far away from large cities my school provides high standards of education with student-friendly teachers and good learning atmosphere. My school provides equal importance for academics and co-curriculum too."
Lidan Prasal R M (lidan) 3 years ago
Srinath (srinath75) 3 years ago

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