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Reviews: St. Mary's School & College, Mirzapur

Station Road, Peeli Kothi / Pilikothi, Mirzapur - 231 001, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed St. Mary's School & College, Mirzapur

Archana (archanasrivastava) 2 years ago
Adi Mishra (adarshmishra) 3 years ago
"Most disciplined school of Mirzapur"
Ankit Singh (darkfire) 4 years ago
Harsh tripathi (harshtripathi) 5 years ago
"I think we have best teacher of science subject&& maths teacher no any school would have such teacher. They are very familer to us. "
Kiragami Wright (Kira) (kiragami18) 6 years ago

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