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Reviews: Julien Day School (JDS), Hooghly, Howrah

Kona Expressway, Nibra, Hooghly - 711 409, West Bengal, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Julien Day School (JDS), Hooghly, Howrah

Rishab kundu (rishab55) 327 days ago
"nice infraustructure,has many indoor and outdoor games facility,till class 10 teaching qualioty is good but in class 11 and 12 more experience and good quality of teacher is needed for science and maths subjects ..nice lab facilty and library.the bpositive about this school is that ity maintains discipline "
Swapnanil Chakraborty (swapchak) 1 year ago
"JDS is good for ones who aspire to be successful in life."
Chandrani Mukherjee (uddalakmukherjee) 2 years ago
Subhadeep Ghosh (iamsubha) 3 years ago
"We r now affiliated for comm,comp apl,eco in class xi,xii....WE may get science for xi,xii"
AYAN DUTTA (ayandutta) 3 years ago
Kasturi sen (kasturi_sen) 4 years ago
Ashok Bairagi (denobili) 4 years ago

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