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Reviews: Gokuldham High School & Junior College (GHS), Mumbai

Gokuldham, Gen. A.K. Vaidya Marg, Goregaon East, Mumbai - 400063, Maharashtra, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Gokuldham High School & Junior College (GHS), Mumbai

Hrishikesh Vangipuram (hrishikeshvangipuram) 1 year ago
Ayushman Kar (thedarkloord2704) 1 year ago
Prasad Karnad (prasadkarnad) 1 year ago
Snehal Vikash (bookbaby) 1 year ago
Somebody (pandaislove) 1 year ago
Sheshnath Singh (devil6666) 1 year ago
Rupali Singh (rupali84) 1 year ago
Smit Gangar (smitgangar) 1 year ago
Krish Shah (krish_shah) 1 year ago
Arnav Singh (arnaaavvv) 1 year ago
Runjan Oberoi (runjan) 1 year ago
Jatin Taneja (putnaillguj) 1 year ago
Sarthak Saraf (realmadrid3) 1 year ago
"good teachers but ancillary staff male very bad"
Vikram Mansukhani (vivicse2019) 1 year ago
Ria Thakkar (riathakkar) 1 year ago
Divyanshu sharma (divyanshu__sharma_19) 2 years ago
Hrushika Nagvekar (hnagvekar22) 2 years ago
Dhruv Parasrampuria (dhruv_p) 2 years ago
Ved Gondhali (ved007) 2 years ago
Khushal Sharma (frazergene) 2 years ago
Deval Thakkar (devalthakkar) 2 years ago
Avi Agarwal (aviagarwal) 2 years ago
Devang Sardal (devang3007) 2 years ago
Smyan Mangot (cr7limitless) 2 years ago
Ansh Shah (shahansh22) 2 years ago
Shruti T (shruti10510) 2 years ago
Dhairya Desai (dhairyadesai) 2 years ago
"gokuldham high school and junior college is a excellent school with friendly and loving teachers and non teaching staff "
Kalpesh Shukla (icse102) 2 years ago
"good teachers worst facilities and too much of crowd "
Devashish Bhake (devashishbhake) 2 years ago
"A good school"
Vaishnavi Murkute (vaishnavi2804) 2 years ago
Sarah Biju (sarahbiju18) 3 years ago
Aryan Kanodia (aryan4433) 3 years ago
AnVa (anva) 3 years ago
Viresh Sawant (mihir02) 3 years ago
Seema Gupta (seema0202) 3 years ago
Swtche (ananyamendon) 3 years ago
Punit Gwalani (punitg) 3 years ago
Shilpa Patodia (devpatodia) 3 years ago
Slaytanic (anirudh2001) 3 years ago
Pavan 2001 (pav2001) 3 years ago
Gaurav Redkar (xxdeathbladexx) 3 years ago
Subhashri Chalil (sdc123) 3 years ago
"Its OK."
Shipra Gangwar (shivansh2017) 3 years ago
"Gokuldham High School & Jr. College was founded on 2 July 1983. Making a humble beginning in a rented premises with 3 students and 5 staff members, the school has now grown into a multi-storey structure with more than 5,000 students and 200 staff members. It is designed to accommodate a volume of 3,688 students"
Aditi Sarangi (adz12345) 3 years ago
Dheeraj yadav (tango68) 3 years ago
Oindrella Ghosh (lenoxhart) 3 years ago
Shiksha Singh (shikshas) 3 years ago
Gautam (kenstud3512) 3 years ago
Divyansh Sarda (divyansh1000) 3 years ago
Hrushika Nagvekar (meghnagvekar9) 3 years ago
Aayush Singh (aayushsingh) 3 years ago
Nisha Shah (urvishah30) 3 years ago
Rekha Bhat (andushmokwashki) 3 years ago
Shivaanee sharma (shivaanee22) 3 years ago
Aryan Puranik (aaryan31) 3 years ago
Archit Raut (rijuta) 3 years ago
"It is a very good school . I was in that school since 2nd std .The teachers are very loving. They give us a very good knowledge about each and every subject.we had all the facilities that a common child deserve for eg bus facilities etc. It will become very less to describe about my school but my school is the best. I love my school and all my respected teachers. "
आन्टी गोर्मिन्ट की जय! (abhipai) 3 years ago
Rini Rini (rineesmee) 3 years ago
Pugal Valarmathi (puagzh) 3 years ago
Khushi Gajjar (kgajjar) 3 years ago
"One of the best educational institute on which one can build foundation . Amazing teachers and staff."
Vrishali Joshi (adwait0) 3 years ago
Uj Jjw (uj2001) 3 years ago
"It rocks"
Megh Nagvekar (meghnagvekar) 3 years ago
Dinkar Dubey (reznov) 3 years ago
Devansh Joshi (snackreaper) 3 years ago
Shreedhar Todi (shreedhar16) 3 years ago
Officer Tenpenny (anurag45) 3 years ago
Rachit Srivastava (rachits1p) 4 years ago
Ranveer Shah (radon) 4 years ago
Tara Bhat (11bhatta) 4 years ago
Shaily :D (dauntlesswitch) 4 years ago
Kunal Nagdev (kunal64) 4 years ago
Nikhita Nair (nikhita_n123) 4 years ago
"best scool ever!!! "
Abhinav Kumar (abhinavkmr569) 4 years ago
Shayeri mukherjee (breeze15) 4 years ago
That Girl (shay15) 4 years ago
Larina Shah (larina) 4 years ago
"Our school has many facilities such as if a student cannot study in some specific subject than teachers would help to overcome in it ,would guide ,give some remedies and even try to make the children overpower in that specific subject"
abhinav J (abhinavj) 4 years ago
Filoni Mehta (zeel56) 4 years ago
Pankti Galia (pankti_galia15) 5 years ago
Bhavya Gala (bhavyagala17) 5 years ago
Saarth Soni (saarthsoni) 5 years ago
MANOJ GAUR (gmrespaper) 5 years ago
Shriharsh Kaushik (shriharshk) 5 years ago
Yesha Vayeda (yesha26) 5 years ago
Akkoo (akkoo) 5 years ago
Harsh Agarwal (cool326) 5 years ago

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