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Q & A − Bishop Cotton Boys' School (BCBS), Bangalore

St. Mark's Road, Bangalore - 560 001; Residency Road, Bengaluru - 560025, Karnataka, INDIA
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any one pl share 2019 prelims papers of 10 standard
asked by Harsha Rana (raksha119) 3 years ago
Notice from repaper: All ICSE kannada students please move to your new site. Here it is same as icse page where you can upload your papers and view papers from ither schools. You can also ask your doubts or share your views in timeline or chat section. Plrase move to it and upload the papers of kannada. Welcome to the house of kannada. At lasy dont forget to invite ur friends as this ill bring a large crowd and papers. Thank you. Yours faithfully, CEO OF ICSE KANNADA WORLD.
asked by ICSE ಕನ್ನಡ (Kannada) (icse_kannada_world) 6 years ago

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