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Reviews: The Cathedral High School, Bangalore

Cathedral Composite Pre-university College & High School, #63, Richmond Road, Bengaluru - 560025, Karnataka, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed The Cathedral High School, Bangalore

Ivan (ivanchristopher) 4 years ago
Santhi Palanisamy (tujaa) 4 years ago
"Great school"
Shahzad Umar (shahzadumar) 5 years ago
M M Ali (mirmeezan) 5 years ago
Mirza Hassan (hassan58) 5 years ago
Harsh Chajed (harsh167) 6 years ago
"Teacher are good"
Someone (manvimertia) 6 years ago
Ananya Thomas (ananyathomas10) 6 years ago
Joel Jacob (joeljacob) 6 years ago
Lochana Khatri (lochana2002) 6 years ago
"teachers in my school are great and my favorite is Sandhya a.k ma'am (biology teacher) apart from this nothing is good .the school hasn't given us an exam before prelims and also our prelims will not have all portions included."
Aryan Kapoor (aryan66) 6 years ago
Kavya Gupta (guptakavya57) 7 years ago
emmidom 7 years ago
"Good School"
Jayant Bhansali (yeeeppp) 8 years ago
Karan Rajendran (kratos3) 8 years ago
Madhav Jivrajani (madhav_jivrajani) 8 years ago

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