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Reviews: L'ecole Chempaka Silver Rocks, Thiruvanathapuram

Lecole Chempaka, Edavacode, Sreekariyam, Trivandrum / Thiruvananthapuram - 695 017, Kerala, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed L'ecole Chempaka Silver Rocks, Thiruvanathapuram

Nandana Ram (nandana12321) 244 days ago
Amrapali s kunnel (monkeysrcute) 1 year ago
Jayasreepathy Sharma (sansafer) 1 year ago
Meenakshi J (meenakshijayakrishnan) 2 years ago
Viji Karim (sakhavu18) 2 years ago
Murali Krishna (murali38) 2 years ago
Hari Krishnan (hmkres) 2 years ago
Jacob Varghese (jacobvarghese) 2 years ago
Nitya Nair (usgirl) 3 years ago
Sanjana Nayar (breadtoast2001) 3 years ago
"chempaka is not a school, its family. "
Jeffrey Jm (jeffrey) 3 years ago
Saahil Sankar (voldemort29) 4 years ago
Abhyshek Rajmohan (thejuggernaut) 4 years ago
AbhiRox007 (abhirox007) 4 years ago
"It is one of the BEST co-ed schools you can find it Trivandrum. Give all-round development for its students in all spheres of life.Let it be the teachers, the students,the non-teaching staff,the campus or the title..More than a school, It is a Chempakaite family from which you can never part! ^_^"
Anupallavi Venugopal (2612) 4 years ago
Rahul K.Devaraj (theosm1) 4 years ago
Meenakshi nair (elexa2001) 4 years ago
Imagine Dragons (imaginedragons) 4 years ago
"Good ICSE school"
Arjun Lailas (arjun68) 4 years ago

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