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Reviews: Kline Memorial School, Pune

Union Biblical Seminary (UBS), 54, Swami Vivekanand Roadd, Bibvewadi, Pune - 411037, Maharashtra, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Kline Memorial School, Pune

Pradnya Yerram (pradnya_11) 82 days ago
Harshil Mehta (9527444436) 154 days ago
Prasad Pingale (prasadpingale) 276 days ago
ASHWANTH NAIR Rocks (ashwanthnair) 1 year ago
"awesome school best place to study..."
Sm Kulkarni (amk1234) 1 year ago
Sm Kulkarni (amk1234) 1 year ago
Purtee Bumb (purtee_03) 2 years ago
Varsha Hulmani (varsha034) 2 years ago
Chirag Asrani (chiragasrani) 2 years ago
GameTracker COC (atharv123) 2 years ago
"Its an amazing school with lots of interesting activities"
Kiwi G (kiwi_gandhi) 2 years ago
Yash Parakh (yashparakh) 3 years ago
Sahil Jhodge (sahiljhodge) 3 years ago
Shivam Verma (shivamverma) 3 years ago
"ok school as per icse board "
Siddhi XYZ (abc123498) 3 years ago

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