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Reviews: Euroschool Airoli, Mumbai

Plot No. 9A, Sector 19, Near Abhyudaya Bank, Airoli, Navi Mumbai - 400708, Maharashtra, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Euroschool Airoli, Mumbai

Rinkle Thacker (rinkle) 166 days ago
Manav Dalal (darknights2708) 257 days ago
Paras Kataria (max738818362) 298 days ago
Mallank Gogri (mallankgogri) 1 year ago
Soumya Bokare (soumya_bokare) 1 year ago
Shreyas Sherugar (shre1110) 1 year ago
Sanjay Madnani (mohit117) 1 year ago
Vidya Barje (vidyabarje) 1 year ago
Vidula Barje (vidulabarje) 1 year ago
Karan Pujara (karan_01601) 1 year ago
Hrishikesh Malhotra (hmtt) 1 year ago
"Euroschool is the perfect school where a child is nurtured with a balance of all activities"
Jane Havey (kj123) 2 years ago
Abhay Pai (abhaypai99) 2 years ago
"An excellent school focusing on balanced schooling and a holistic approach towards the academics, friendly staff and teachers with state-of-the-art facilities like 3 science laboratories, basketball & tennis courts, multi-purpose football field, skating rank and much moreā€¦"
Atomi Cruzer (atomicruzer) 2 years ago
Aritra Sakhardande (amazingari) 2 years ago
Narender Singh (nsthakur74) 2 years ago
Deepa Tandel (pratik_tandel123) 2 years ago
"fav teacher is Sathe sir who teaches maths to me "
Ballal Patil (ballal) 2 years ago
Ash Kech 9Em (sohampcf) 2 years ago
Padmaja Paul (asherpaul) 2 years ago
Rishabh Shah (boss274) 3 years ago
marthaphils 3 years ago
Shreyans Tendulkar (shre6998) 3 years ago
Harsh Wani (hrw0225) 3 years ago
Koundinya Vakati (vhrkoundinya) 3 years ago
Shruti Athavale (shrutiathavale) 3 years ago
Mudit Bapna (muditbapna2017) 3 years ago
Nish Rai (nish12rai) 4 years ago
"it;s a really nice school and kind of relaxing from the study stress at home. "
Skaar (sportysags) 4 years ago
Karan Menon (basicthuganomics) 4 years ago
Karan Menon (sasuke7) 4 years ago
Raj Gogri (bond00793) 4 years ago

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