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Reviews: St. John's Universal School, Mumbai

S.V. Road Goregaon (West) Mumbai Suburban-400 104, Maharashtra, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed St. John's Universal School, Mumbai

Latest Tech (dj8879) 309 days ago
"My favorite miss is 'Hetal Miss', who is our commerce and Economics teacher. Our school provides us with a AC facility but is very expensive in terms of extra-curricular activities except for sports."
Aayush Patel (aayush25) 339 days ago
Lazeen Manasia (lazeen_27) 340 days ago
Atharva Jindam (arceus61) 1 year ago
Arnav Bhagwat (arnab2003) 1 year ago
Zaki Ahmed (zak123) 1 year ago
"appropriate[school] excellent[teachers]"
Shlok Bhosale (shlokbhosale) 1 year ago
Harsh Raj Vora (harshraj24) 1 year ago
"Best school ever gonna miss the school days a lot love you universal group"
Nimisha Bohra (abhilashabohra27) 1 year ago
Aayush Paurana (aayush_therealbatman) 1 year ago
"It sucks :)"
Naman Solanki (naman9) 1 year ago
Harsh_Shah_12 (123654asdf) 1 year ago
Harish Vora (harshraj02) 1 year ago
Arya_13 (arya_13) 1 year ago
"Don't be greedy for money."
Bipaashaa Bhanushali (bipaashaabhanushali2002) 1 year ago
Daksh Jain (daksh21) 1 year ago
"bad "
Vidi Vyas (vidivyas74) 1 year ago
Smit Shah (ashu75) 1 year ago
Drishti Jain (nisjain) 2 years ago
Mukta Sodhani (garima2001) 2 years ago
Richie 2931 (richie2931) 2 years ago
Heena Palasara (aamir85) 2 years ago
"my shool is ch*** my best teacher ritesh sir"
Tirth Shah (tirthshah) 2 years ago
Mihit Jain (mjmj19) 3 years ago
Zad SHAKH (zshaikh) 3 years ago
Afifa Naaz (afifanaaz93) 3 years ago
Kshitij Parab (liberty2000) 3 years ago
Hetvi Shah (hetvi11) 3 years ago
Shashank Varshney (shashank23) 3 years ago
Rahul Naval (united21) 3 years ago
Arpit Singh (arpit73) 3 years ago
Siddhi Kabra (baldee) 3 years ago
"My school is Great"
Krish Tamboli (krishc2012) 3 years ago
Heily Thakkar (heilythakkar) 3 years ago
Vedangi (vedangi) 3 years ago

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