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Reviews: St. John's Universal School, Mumbai

S.V. Road Goregaon (West) Mumbai Suburban-400 104, Maharashtra, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed St. John's Universal School, Mumbai

Nandini Nema [Sju-3954] (nandini_nema) 11 days ago
Nisha Shah (supervisor) 257 days ago
"Joti miss"
Jigna Kothari (meetkothari) 260 days ago
Latest Tech (dj8879) 1 year ago
"My favorite miss is 'Hetal Miss', who is our commerce and Economics teacher. Our school provides us with a AC facility but is very expensive in terms of extra-curricular activities except for sports."
Aayush Patel (aayush25) 1 year ago
Lazeen Manasia (lazeen_27) 1 year ago
Atharva Jindam (arceus61) 1 year ago
Arnav Bhagwat (arnab2003) 1 year ago
Zaki Ahmed (zak123) 2 years ago
"appropriate[school] excellent[teachers]"
Shlok Bhosale (shlokbhosale) 2 years ago
Harsh Raj Vora (harshraj24) 2 years ago
"Best school ever gonna miss the school days a lot love you universal group"
Nimisha Bohra (abhilashabohra27) 2 years ago
Aayush Paurana (aayush_therealbatman) 2 years ago
"It sucks :)"
Naman Solanki (naman9) 2 years ago
Harsh_Shah_12 (123654asdf) 2 years ago
Harish Vora (harshraj02) 2 years ago
Arya_13 (arya_13) 2 years ago
"Don't be greedy for money."
Bipaashaa Bhanushali (bipaashaabhanushali2002) 2 years ago
Daksh Jain (daksh21) 2 years ago
"bad "
Vidi Vyas (vidivyas74) 2 years ago
Smit Shah (ashu75) 2 years ago
Drishti Jain (nisjain) 2 years ago
Mukta Sodhani (garima2001) 3 years ago
Richie 2931 (richie2931) 3 years ago
Heena Palasara (aamir85) 3 years ago
"my shool is ch*** my best teacher ritesh sir"
Tirth Shah (tirthshah) 3 years ago
Mihit Jain (mjmj19) 3 years ago
Zad SHAKH (zshaikh) 4 years ago
Afifa Naaz (afifanaaz93) 4 years ago
Kshitij Parab (liberty2000) 4 years ago
Hetvi Shah (hetvi11) 4 years ago
Shashank Varshney (shashank23) 4 years ago
Rahul Naval (united21) 4 years ago
Arpit Singh (arpit73) 4 years ago
Siddhi Kabra (baldee) 4 years ago
"My school is Great"
Krish Tamboli (krishc2012) 4 years ago
Heily Thakkar (heilythakkar) 4 years ago
Vedangi (vedangi) 4 years ago

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