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Reviews: Sishya, Chennai

2 / 15, Padmanabha Nagar, 2nd Street, Adyar, Chennai - 600020, Tamil Nadu, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Sishya, Chennai

Antara sriram (anthu23) 116 days ago
Adam Libby (alapcapwaa) 176 days ago
Sara Ivaturi (sara2004) 176 days ago
Ritwik Rau (ritwikrau) 190 days ago
Jiya Meht (jiya14) 281 days ago
Vedant Vivek (vedantvivek) 1 year ago
Yash Rathod (yashrathod) 1 year ago
Rich el (richa12) 1 year ago
Sonali Sakthivel (parkjimin511) 1 year ago
Swaminathan Vmsn (swaminathan51) 1 year ago
sishmun18 Ecofin (sishmun) 1 year ago
Sidarth Venkatesan (sidarth124466) 1 year ago
Swaminathan Vmsn (swaminathan54) 1 year ago
"the best school in the world "
Rohan Manoj (rohanmanojs) 2 years ago
Wolf Sniper (mitzzz) 2 years ago
Veena Sequeira (roydon) 2 years ago
Mehak Jain (mehakjain) 2 years ago
Vidhya Kumar (pradhyun) 2 years ago
Esha Modi (esha09) 2 years ago
Pavan K Srinivasan (throwaway) 2 years ago
Pavan K Srinivasan (throwaway) 2 years ago
Atyuha Mahesh (atyuhamahesh) 2 years ago
Harsh Baid (baidharsh) 2 years ago
Dhriti Sumanth (studybuddy5225) 2 years ago
Aditya Bolt (adityabolt22) 2 years ago
Nikhil Bhaiya (nikhilbhaiya99) 3 years ago
Vikram Avadooth (lolaf) 3 years ago
Nikita Bhaiya (nikitabhaiya) 3 years ago
Agrima Sharma (agrimasharma) 3 years ago
Adhith Adhithyan (douche) 3 years ago
Tushar Shah (tushshah10) 3 years ago
Pritivi Chhabria (pritivi150101) 3 years ago
Bharati Sriram (bharati_sriram) 4 years ago
Yohann Joseph (yogibear) 4 years ago
Sairam Karthik (mskarthik11) 4 years ago
Armaan Goyal (hellsgate009) 4 years ago
Savrang Jain (savrang) 4 years ago
"It is the best school in Tamil Nadu and ranks in the top 10 schools of the country. In 12th Vivek Jajoo of Sishya secured the All India 3rd rank. "
Srika Vasanth (srinith) 4 years ago
Harshitha (itsdarthvadar) 4 years ago
Sharon Christella (harrychocolatepercywolverine) 4 years ago
"Our school environment is awesome, the people are really social with one another.The teachers are one goooood lot!"
Riya Gupta (riya_gupta13) 4 years ago
Abishek Chidambaram (abi14) 4 years ago
Prithvi Srivatsav (pipey) 4 years ago
S.Sudiksa (coolbuddy02) 4 years ago

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