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Reviews: Sheiling House School, Kanpur Nagar

'Zoe Ville', 10 / 498 Allenganj Kanpur Nagar-208 001, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Sheiling House School, Kanpur Nagar

Adityaa Dixit (adityaa12) 18 days ago
amitabh Tripathi (manya13) 35 days ago
Aviral Bajpai (luciferdemon) 37 days ago
Keshav Gupta (tech_keshav) 53 days ago
Rakshak Awasthi (mmnjbjb) 93 days ago
Jasleen Kaur (jasleen_kaur) 176 days ago
Dhairya Shandilya (dhairyashandilya) 220 days ago
Vasu Gupta (vasugupta26) 240 days ago
Shikhar Chaturvedi (barood) 245 days ago
Akshi Saha (akshisaha06) 263 days ago
Tanimadrija Biswas (sonamanakuti) 275 days ago
Bhavy Tripathi (bhavytripathi_18) 289 days ago
Pratyaksh Pandey (pratyaka) 291 days ago
Pratyaksh Pandey (pratyaka) 291 days ago
Minion.M Music (drdresaidhell) 321 days ago
Saurabhk Bose (sovita) 1 year ago
Akif Javed (coldcat) 1 year ago
"Stupid teachers "
Imrose Alam (imrose) 1 year ago
Mohd Adeeb (mdking9696) 1 year ago
Deepal Mishra (deepal25) 1 year ago
yash Mehrotra (yashmehrotra2203) 1 year ago
"A vee good school. Teachers are always their to help the students"
Mudit Saxena (mudit2341) 1 year ago
Utkarsh Gupta (utkarshg99) 1 year ago
Anusha Dixit (anusha12345) 1 year ago
Gagan Gupta (gagan_437_gupta) 1 year ago
"Excellent school with encouraging and hardworking teachers and the principal"
Rachit Katiyar (rachit35) 1 year ago
"Just awesome"
Pratham Singh (prthamssingh) 1 year ago
sarika Khare (sambbhav_khare) 2 years ago
Dhruv Chopra (dhrv92) 2 years ago
"our school has top class teachers and facilities to offer. We have highly educated teachers knowing the board's pattern to help other fetch goo marks and has teachers who are willingly ready to check the 'respapers'"
Sobha Jain (samyak65) 2 years ago
Sajla Bajpai (hsbajpai111) 2 years ago
"best school in up"
Anjul Kumar (aanjul11) 2 years ago
Esmit Srivastava (dell18112001) 2 years ago
"best school in the city i just love my school "
Shivam Tandon (shivamtandon) 2 years ago
MasterSuvigya (mastersuvigya) 2 years ago
Yash Gupta (shs1) 2 years ago
Danish Gupta (danish58) 3 years ago
Vatsalya Tandon (vasu1011) 3 years ago
Saumil Awasthi (laurenslamish) 3 years ago
Ayush (ayush_seth) 3 years ago
Gaurang Maheshwari (gaurang50) 3 years ago
Ajay Singh (sanglea) 3 years ago

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