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Reviews: Pawar Public School (PPS), Hadapsar, Pune

Amanora Park Town, Sade Satra Nali, Hadapsar, Pune - 411 028, Maharashtra, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Pawar Public School (PPS), Hadapsar, Pune

Ashwini Pawar (ashwini9193) 4 days ago
Kapil Sharma (rudr147) 25 days ago
Vaishnavi Kamthe (vaish44) 61 days ago
Sushant Gaikwad (sushant0909) 69 days ago
Gauri Ghule (gauri_ghule) 89 days ago
Swati Thorve Sankhye (swatisankhye) 310 days ago
Nilkanth Dev (tejal82) 352 days ago
"it is a very nice school with all facilities"
Kuhu Jain (jkuhu267) 353 days ago
Siva Marthala (manasam) 1 year ago
"Great school and teachers for studies"
Maya Padiyar (narmadapadiyar) 1 year ago
Dhroov Makwana (dhroovm) 1 year ago
Harsh Choudhary (harsh133) 1 year ago
"The best u can find.You might not believe me but u have to visit there .The teachers are the best and the facilities are all A grade."
Aryan Nambiar (aryxnnambiar) 1 year ago
Subodh Kakade (subodhkakxde19) 1 year ago
"Nice school. If the teachers would have taught me well I would have not been here. If I had paid attention like I paid my school fees I would not been here ;-; Jk :") Best school. School ne padh liya toh farewell pe aane nahi denge XD"
Manshal Chawre (gcjjjgg) 1 year ago
Atharva Agrawal (sdaspade) 1 year ago
Sanandi Naik (sanandi07) 2 years ago
Mahen Vaidya (eeshan08) 2 years ago
Tanvi Tendulkar (user229999) 2 years ago
Anushka De (anushka94) 2 years ago
Ashlesha Ahirwadi (ashley15) 2 years ago
"Great Amazing Fabulous"
Subodh Kakade (subodhkakxde) 2 years ago
Neeta Ganjoo (neetagajoo) 2 years ago
Sadaf Shaikh (ssquare27) 2 years ago
Rajat Wagh (firedragonvehemoth) 2 years ago
Shraddha Shetty (shraddha2001) 2 years ago
Jyoti Prasannan (jyotisreeji5583) 2 years ago
Karan Agarwal (karanagar) 2 years ago
"okay "
Pratibha Wagh (qualthalas) 2 years ago
Anusha Dokka (siddharthian13) 2 years ago
Manav Parikh (manavparikh) 2 years ago
Khush Patil (starwars26) 3 years ago
Yash Patil (yash106) 3 years ago
Yj Styles (yashjajoo) 3 years ago
Princess September (dhanu2000) 3 years ago
Yatn Bangad (ybangad) 3 years ago
Stargrouprocks (stargrouprocks) 4 years ago
"pps is the best!!!! "

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