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Reviews: De Paul School, Ukkunagaram, Visakhapatnam

Sector VIII, Ukkunagaram, Vizag / Visakhapatnam - 530 032, A.P., Andhra Pradesh, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed De Paul School, Ukkunagaram, Visakhapatnam

Divyesh Reddy . P (divyesh2006) 134 days ago
"Good environment with friendly and good teachers"
Abhit Saini (abhitsaini) 313 days ago
Mr. Nature (pulkit5454) 1 year ago
"It has a very very good atmosphere and teachers are perfectly trained how to treat children's and also all Co-curricular activities are present"
Lakshmi gayathri (gayathri07) 1 year ago
Priyanka Polimera (priyaprakash) 1 year ago
Charan Atluri (charan443) 1 year ago
Bruno Jai (reddyjai30) 1 year ago
"Just Awesome"
B. Aditya Srinivas (scifibro) 2 years ago
"our School provides excellence and relevance in all means it has physics chemistry biology one in one numbers and two computer labs and one huge library and projectors for visualized studies in every class and extremely large play ground and provide facilities for every possible sport or hobbies one can think and its extremely hygienic"
Palagummi Kasi Visweswararao (sreeja15) 2 years ago
Jagadesh Jaggu (jaggs85) 2 years ago
Shyrmei Yang (nikki_24) 2 years ago
Aku (akankshanarsaria) 2 years ago
Siva Charan MCA (sivacharan) 2 years ago
"good but i dont like "
Sai Satwik (saisatwik) 3 years ago
The Chief Warlock of Wizengamot (maykaela) 3 years ago
"The school has a history of winning prizes at almost all the competitions it takes part in and the teachers as well as the non-teaching staff are very friendly and helpful. We also have various toppers who have secured National ranks in the ICSE Board....Th latest one being last year with an amazing percentage of 98.3% In fact, all the Depaulites are very proud to say that De Paul is one of the best schools in all of Visakhapatnam. :)"
Konchada Meghana (noodles) 3 years ago
Ashu(Yashaswi) (anonymous4514) 3 years ago
"Such an awesome school.........!! Sad to leave it......:( AMAZING TEACHING!! "
Ragamrutha Dangeti (srgs) 3 years ago
Maria Deepthi Issac Baby (deepthimol) 3 years ago
Laya Jaswanthi (laya_jaswanthi) 3 years ago
Ramadevi Pendurthi (gnaneswar3) 3 years ago
Sreemayee Vuppala (sstn) 3 years ago
Riddhi Sarma (kaj2000) 3 years ago
Ainslie Cullen (pooja3337) 3 years ago
Revelation Rebel (rebel456) 3 years ago
Souradeep Mitra (mitrasm) 3 years ago
"Wondeful school with brilliant teachers who are always present to help "
Geo Francis Paul (agentstudentdepaul) 3 years ago
yashwanth_g 4 years ago
"The best school"
My Name (contemporaryworld) 4 years ago
"i love my school"
Ash (ash0123) 4 years ago

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