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Reviews: Bhagwan Mahaveer Dayaniketan Jain School (BMD), Vellore

Arihanth Nagar, Kalinjur, Vellore - 632006, Tamil Nadu, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Bhagwan Mahaveer Dayaniketan Jain School (BMD), Vellore

Thing Don (thething) 2 years ago
"Very worst , poor coaching ,inefficient teachers ,a shit "
swetha Vsv (swethavsv04) 2 years ago
Panbu Selvan (panbu) 2 years ago
Sumathy sivakumar (kayalvizhi_12) 3 years ago
Shruthika perumal (shruthika_perumal) 3 years ago
Kamal Raj (kitkat6103) 3 years ago
".. ."
R T Velu (chennaikilladi) 4 years ago
"excellent teaching"
Dheetchu Sathya (dheetchanya) 4 years ago
Fast Siranjeevi (fast333) 4 years ago
"It 8s the best school in the world in which teachers teach well and clear every doubts of the without scolding or saying anything."
Sridhar Ganesh (sridharg) 4 years ago
"freedom of learning"
S.Mugilan (a_topper) 4 years ago
"nice school good teachers and superb faculties"
Heisenberg (heisenberg_11) 4 years ago
Sudhakar Ethiraj (sepy) 4 years ago
"excellent coaching"
Lokesh nobita (lalithasripriyadarsini) 5 years ago
"Our school is a best place and good educators. My favorite teacher is gayathri biology mam"
Meenu (pooja2017) 5 years ago
Roopa Raja (badri79) 5 years ago
"Good school"
Richard Parker (sreyasprabha) 5 years ago
dreegun47 5 years ago
dreegun47 5 years ago
Captain America (ashwindhoni) 5 years ago
"bmd sucks"
Mahesh Jain (dayal001) 5 years ago
Kavinsu (kavinsu) 5 years ago
"we are going to need a lot of question papers of us to be sent here "
Kavin Sooriya (kavinsooriya) 5 years ago
Manisha Manisha (manishapremji) 5 years ago
"My school is the best .i love my Cass teacher Revathi Mam who guided me in every work and she my geography teacger"
Punithan Krishnan (punithankrishnank) 5 years ago
mandalaka 5 years ago
mukund_2001 5 years ago
Tupac Shakur (2pac) 5 years ago
"Terrible school. I don't know why I landed up here.. dogshit infrastructure.... These asshats waste the hard earned money of my dad.. Fucking cunts. I was searching for a rating lower than a star but couldn't find it. The Epitome of FUCKALL. Bunch of Horseshit. I wish I could go back in time and change my alma mater. This is an embarrassment."
Prathiban Vinayagamoorthy (prathiban) 5 years ago
KrithinRagavendra (krithinragavendrareddy) 5 years ago
Meg maxivagon (mega43) 5 years ago
Keshava Varmaa (keshavavarmaa) 5 years ago
"Not enough for an icse school.only recommendation works in sports and adequate participation in any of games "
Thaneshvar Ugar (thaneshvar_u) 5 years ago
"Student friendly, priceless teachers, gud friends, "
Tharun KC (tharunkc) 5 years ago
Amarnath Reddy (amarnath85) 5 years ago
"good school"
Prathiban Vinayagamoorthy (prathiban) 5 years ago
Sathiyan Reddy (sathiyanreddy) 5 years ago
Tharun KC (tharunkc) 5 years ago
"lacks in play grounds poor infrastructure "
Gowtham Bouddha (mkvgr456) 5 years ago
"A Typical J ain School"
Jeevan Jash (jeevan2002) 5 years ago
Avinash Suren (homie) 5 years ago
Vaibhav (makaveli) 5 years ago
Iraiyanbu Panneer selvam (iraiyanbu) 6 years ago
Monish Raaj (hogrider) 6 years ago
Darshanaa Manju (darshanaa) 6 years ago
Sri Ram (shriram1072000) 6 years ago
Dhinesh Vijayan (dhineshvijayan) 6 years ago

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