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Reviews: Embassy Public School, Bangalore

No. 60, Magadi Main Road, Chikkagollarahalli / Chikka Gollarahatti, Bengaluru - 560091, Karnataka, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Embassy Public School, Bangalore

Renukaiah RS (shreya144) 19 days ago
Vastha Vastha (embassy) 23 days ago
Harshitha R (harshi2103) 1 year ago
Tejaswi M.N (mahishi) 1 year ago
Ghovindh Kg (ghovkg) 1 year ago
Tarit Ananth (taritananth) 1 year ago
"school gives us less knowledge and less fesilities newly joined teachers are less experienced and does not teach well principles also do not support students "
Abhigna Bhardwaj (abhigna500) 2 years ago
Sri Lakshmi (srilakshmi800) 3 years ago
Mohammed Aflah K.H (aflah_hyderali) 3 years ago
Mansi Ram (mansiram) 3 years ago
Abhishek Pele (abhishekpele) 3 years ago
Yatik Mehta (yatik) 4 years ago
"very good"

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