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Reviews: Calcutta Boys' School (CBS), Kolkata

72, S. N. Banerjee Road (Surendra Nath Bannerjee Road / Corporation Street), Kolkata - 700014, West Bengal, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Calcutta Boys' School (CBS), Kolkata

Paramita Biswas (paramita66) 212 days ago
Nischay Ginoria (nischay89) 220 days ago
Manash Kumar Saha (msaha8570) 350 days ago
Atraya Datta (atraya134) 1 year ago
Swarnavo Sarkar (swarnavo27) 2 years ago
Absattikcd (absattikcd) 2 years ago
Gautam Saha (silajisaha) 2 years ago
"One of the best teaching faculties in Calcutta"
Syamantak Bhattacharyya (rhik11) 2 years ago
Amar Roy (amar6537) 2 years ago
Aishik Manna (aishik_manna_035) 2 years ago
Ritabrata Majumder (rito2002) 2 years ago
Sourya Basu (sbasu20) 3 years ago
Abhijit Kar (abhijit85) 3 years ago
"its a christian missionary school established in the 19th century....with a huge infrastructure...the school has excelled in academics and produces eminent personalities of the society"
Sayan Bose (sayanbose) 3 years ago
Ashimananda Chatterjee (debdatta2001) 3 years ago
"My school was my favourite place of all places. It was here that we picked up the best of the knowledge , information , gestures and discipline. Mr Dantes, Mr Hartnet , Mr N R Das were our favourite teachers"
Ritam Sarkar (ritamsarkar) 3 years ago
Saptashwa Misra (saptashwamisra) 3 years ago
Progyadeep Moulik (progyadeep) 3 years ago
Tushnim Saraswati (joey_tribbiani) 3 years ago
Soumyasree Dey (samyabrato) 4 years ago
Pratik Dixit (pratik93) 4 years ago
Aniruddha Gupta (aniruddhgupt) 4 years ago

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