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Reviews: Wisdom World School, Wakad, Pune

Survey No. 210, Park Street, Aundh Chest Hospital Road, Near Kalewadi Chowk, Wakad, Pune - 411 057, Maharashtra, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Wisdom World School, Wakad, Pune

Vandan Jain (joshrojers) 57 days ago
Mihika Sinha (mihikatell) 265 days ago
Atharva Ranjan (ranjanatharva) 282 days ago
Rushil Shah (rushil_shah) 291 days ago
Laju Dalal (diki1301) 292 days ago
Indtech Udyog (atharva2613) 1 year ago
Chaitanya Ranshur (jeek) 1 year ago
Rashmi Chugh (rashmichuhh) 1 year ago
Naivedya Rai (naivedya) 1 year ago
Gaurang Mathur (gaurangmathurcr7fan) 1 year ago
Kevin Kankia (kevinkankia) 1 year ago
Aayush Parshwa (abcd2809) 1 year ago
Rashmi Chugh (rashmichugh) 2 years ago
Sankalp Bhamare (sankalp012) 2 years ago
eeshaan17 2 years ago
Kshitij Gang (kakkashi) 2 years ago
Siddhi Vibhandik (siddhiv) 2 years ago
"All teachers are very good and I love my school"
Kunal Agrawal (kunalagrawal) 2 years ago
lasya123 2 years ago
Puneet Jain (puneetjainpune) 3 years ago
Sapna Kombrabail (kritikakom) 3 years ago
"Awesome school with excellent teachers and facilities"
Eeshaan Jain (eeshaan) 3 years ago
Yash Jain (yash4sept) 3 years ago
Sharvin Joshi (swagger1511) 3 years ago
Nimi (nimi45) 3 years ago
Aarushi Doniv (rvmjrm26) 3 years ago

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