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Reviews: Sri Aurobindo Institute of Education, Salt Lake City, Kolkata

CL 9-12, Block Sector II, Salt Lake City, Calcutta / Kolkata - 700091, West Bengal, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Sri Aurobindo Institute of Education, Salt Lake City, Kolkata

Serious Manager (ap_skywalker23) 60 days ago
Somdutta Sircar (somdutta) 94 days ago
Arindam Banerjee (arpita5) 106 days ago
Dalia Nandy (dalianandy) 143 days ago
Soma Sarkar (mehelisarkar26) 220 days ago
"Best school "
Nilanjeet Das (nilanjeetdas10) 252 days ago
Subhendu Banerjee (subhendu4021) 301 days ago
Dipanjan Rout (dipanjanrout) 324 days ago
Anirban Nag (anirban_nag) 1 year ago
Debmalya Saha (debmalya85) 1 year ago
atalantadey_7 1 year ago
Arghadeep Sarkar (arghadeep003386) 1 year ago
Kishalay Ghosh (kishalay) 1 year ago
Rinki Mallick (srinjini13) 1 year ago
Debrajan (debrajan) 1 year ago
"Learning is fun here !!"
Debrajan (debrajan) 1 year ago
Durlav Chandra (chandradurlav) 1 year ago
Dipanjan Rout (rout) 1 year ago
Bidula Banerjee (aishanibanerjee) 2 years ago
"My school has an extremely disciplined atmosphere. Concentrating equally on morale and academics. "
R.Ghosh (r_ghosh7) 2 years ago
Syed Rabiul Kabir (afiap) 2 years ago
Ayan Maity 2 (ayan08) 2 years ago
Rai Mitra (ranit1234) 2 years ago
Nilanjan Gupta (nilanjangupta) 3 years ago
Chirag Gupta (chiragthebest) 3 years ago
"The best school ever. "
Sayandip Pal (sayandip170900) 3 years ago
"I guess, its the best school in the world"
Pracheta Palit (ppalit) 3 years ago
Pracheta Palit (prachetapalit) 3 years ago
Souvik Paul (souvikpaul) 3 years ago
S�� Tr�n� (soutrina) 3 years ago
Leena Bhadra (leena_22) 4 years ago
ashutoshmohapatro 4 years ago
Antarik Dawn (pupulda) 4 years ago
Sohan Kundu (sohankundu99) 4 years ago

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